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DancebitTime to start a dance workout and get your perfect body. With Dancebit, you’ll have fun and lose weight at the same time.

This 28-day dance fitness challenge gets you moving as you slim down and tone up—what better way to work on your fitness than with dance workouts?

From newbie to dancing pro — no matter how skilled you are, our app is here to guide you on a dance fitness journey to a healthier, fitter, and more confident you.


Personalized fitness challenges
A 28-day dance workout challenge for weight loss and muscle toning. Each day you get a new dance class tailored to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Do dance exercise your way to a slimmer, more toned body in the most enjoyable way!

Goal-oriented programs
Special dance training developed with dance professionals and fitness experts will help you reach your goals: cardio lessons, calorie-burning exercises, dance workouts to burn belly fat, dance fitness to feel more confident, and much more.

5 to 12 minutes dance workouts
Our dance lessons are designed to fit into your busy schedule. You can get an effective workout without spending hours at the gym. Say goodbye to boring and time-consuming exercise routines and say hello to the dynamic world of dance fitness.

Wide collection of dance styles
Latina, hip-hop, high heels, dance aerobic fitness, and more — there is modern dance choreography for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or you don’t know how to dance, the app provides an inclusive environment where you can learn how to dance and have fun.

Progress tracker
Fitness motivation is the key to success, and Dancebit keeps you inspired every step of the dance fitness journey. Track your dance workouts, monitor your achievements, set new fitness goals, and get that dream body!

Chromecast integration
Sharing on large devices is here. Now you can stream dance workout videos directly to your TV. Make your fitness routine more comfortable and enjoy the feeling of being in a real dance studio. Our app makes dance exercises more accessible and enjoyable than ever before!

So, what are you waiting for?! Just dance now! With Dancebit the power to transform is in your hands. Dance workouts are a great way to lose weight and have fun! Say goodbye to boring routines and busy gyms. Start your dance fitness journey and get ready for a healthier, happier you!

Dancebit user reviews :

Not suitable for total beginners. Some of the trainers and moves are definetely nice, but the explanations are totally missing. If they will include somewhere a few basic lessons, with clear explanations about how to do some moves & steps, with dos and don’ts for limiting possible injuries, this app will be just perfect and it will look professional. Until then, for me it remains hard (sometimes impossible) to follow, frustrating and with risk of injuries. Not worth the money.

  • Hello, can you drop us a line at support[at] so we can help you with that? Waiting!

The instructor moves kinda fast but at this point we are not little kids anymore and if we really wanted this we need to bite down and get it done without excuses. The price is a drop in the bucket compared to many apps I’ve seen that don’t have nearly as many options and choices. Plus Dancebit has actually support people who actually care and are supportive. Dancing has always been my favorite way to exercise anyway. You have got a life time member right here. Thanks Dancebit.

  • Hello there! We’re thrilled to know that you love Dancebit! :) We’ll continue our hard work to ensure we keep delivering the best experience possible.

The idea is great! I like moving, but don’t like counting the reps — it takes the fun away for me. Three things made up my so-so impression of this partic app: I did not appreciate the camera work: it was often showing the instructor’s face, while she was changing moves or introducing new ones, the instructor sounds unnatural to me, especially when displaying as if she cares about the audience adding real life ppl’d help I am leaving this one, but will still look for a dance app!

  • Thank you for the review! We’re sorry to hear that our app hasn’t lived up to your expectations. We appreciate your feedback and assure you that we will continue to do our best to improve Dancebit in future updates. Stay tuned!

First of all, content is not bad. But i would expect more videos. For a subscription price like that, you would want people to stay. But without more stuff and newer or more advanced content, it’s easy to get bored out and will not be able to stick for the weight lost goal. Disclaimer: i have some workout background, never lost weight enough to be where I would want, so the beginner stuff in this app? Yes, they sure are doable and break a sweat.

  • Hello there, thank you for expressing your concern; we assure you that at Dancebit, customer service is our top priority. We will take your feedback on board as we continue to improve our service. Stay tuned for future updates!

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