Mystery Detective Adventure – Bring the criminals to justice

[Game] Mystery Detective Adventure

Mystery Detective AdventureThis detective isn’t sent to work on simple cases! You will face confusing testimonies, false leads, and frightening discoveries. Bring the criminals to justice!

“Mystery Detective Adventure” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

In a new bizarre world, the problems stayed the same. Murders, thefts, fraudery. All sorts of injustice await the hero who can bring peace to the streets. A private detective, fresh from the academy, is ready to investigate his first cases. It is for you to decide now to whom or what to believe. In a world where everything is possible, how do you know what to be skeptical about?

There will be three cases for you to solve, one after another. Three different towns with unique residents. Three disturbing events. With all the equipment and great dexterity, surely you will be able to solve them and to identify the culprits!

Solve the case that other detectives are afraid to take on!
New characters and locations are waiting for you in each investigation
Explore a world full of secrets and become an attentive collector
Enjoy a thrilling atmosphere and a beautiful soundtrack
Challenge yourself in various exciting mini-games

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Mystery Detective Adventure user reviews :

Absolutely loved this game, the voice acting and storyline was amazing. I hope this turns into a series with more to come. My only things would be maybe in map view, having an icon on a location that shows there’s still a collectable there. And somewhere to click on that tells you the objective of each puzzle. (Unless it is there and I missed it) Otherwise this is one of my favourite games developed by Five BN

Ok I’m pretty impressed with this! I wasn’t expecting a free game to have this much epth. The puzzles are just hard enough to be interesting without being frystrating; and the story has a good path and pace. Graphics leave a bit of room for improvement but they don’t interfere with play; everything operates smoothly. Really good!

I’ve always loved Five BN games, and I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever, for a new one from them. And WOW!!!… was it absolutely worth.. the.. wait!! This game’s BEYOND amazing! It’s fun, engaging, addictive even! and it makes you THINK. A ton of new puzzles, too! Not a bunch of repeats from other games. The story line is great too. It’s like something out of a bad dream and I can already sense it getting deeper and darker! Im off! Gotta go! Gotta get back to the game!! Have fun!

  • Such comments inspire us to create more fantastic worlds and interesting stories for all our players! We appreciate we have such amazing players like you! Hope to see you in our next games soon!

As someone who has installed (and completed) most of BN mobile games, I am a devout fan, so it is a little conficted when I say that this particular game was less than a satisfactory experience to play. Graphics is still a strong element as it has been in every Five-BN offering I have enjoyed. The puzzles in this adventure were very confusing due to lack of directions to proceed. Past offerings gave you clear directions on how to succeed, while these give you simply “solve puzzle”. Sorry.

Always love these games from Five BN. The story line is a good change of pace from the rest of the stories that have been created. My only displeasure on this game was when you get to a puzzle it just says solve the puzzle. Some of them where easy to figure out but a quick description of the puzzle or what to do would have been nice.

Very excited about this one! You’re leaders in this type of game and I especially love the new york mysteries series. So having another detective type story is super exciting! I’m just about finished the last chapter on this and I couldn’t be happier. Graphics, story, gameplay, its all perfect. Love it. Thank-you!

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