Dark Brides – Dive into a gothic vampire realm

[Game] Dark Brides – 9V9 Strategy RPG

Dark BridesLog in now to receive 40 free card draws!

Get the brides you’ve been yearning for without stress~

Dive into a gothic vampire realm, romancing with pure-blood brides and unveiling mysteries.

Unleash Your Adventure with 40 Free Draws!
Start your journey in our role-playing game with 60 free card draws. The continual emergence of new brides guarantees an endlessly rich and thrilling adventure!

Choose from Over 50 Captivating Bride Illustrations
We offer more than 50 bride character illustrations, each exquisitely designed and unique in style. This wide variety ensures there’s always a bride that will captivate your heart and match your preferences.

Experience an Innovative Battle Mode
Challenge yourself in our innovative 9v9 battle matches. It’s not just about power—it’s about strategy and timing too. Test your wisdom and bravery and dive into a variety of exciting battles!

Engage in Bride Dating and Affinity System
Interact with specific brides in their chambers to build affection. Through our unique system, you can guide their growth and development. Revel in the thrill of shaping their destinies.

Summon Your Brides to Reality
The game features famous local cosplayers bringing our captivating brides to life. Feel the irresistible charm of the game characters in reality!

Savor Unique Adventures with Your Friends!
Collaborate with powerful allies to defeat guild bosses, and engage in large-scale GVG battles with other guilds. Embrace the thrill of shared victories and camaraderie in our vibrant gaming community!

Join Dark Brides now and embark on an enthralling, magical romantic journey!

Dark Brides user reviews :

Unfortunately this game has been granted a bad rep by its previous incarnation screwed over players however once your over that this game is still ultimately the best of its kind as the menus are so easy to navigate and you only have a handful of easy ways to upgrade your characters with such a simple easy user interface I cannot recommend this game enough to new players who are unsure just because of the games current star rating. Plus it is ad free I s##t u not u only watch ads if u want too

  • Hello player. Thanks for your feedback. We will constantly optimize our game to provide a better gaming experience for you. If you have any good suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us in our FB fan page. We will consider your feedback seriously. Thank you for your support.

I am still unsure about this game, especially now that it looks like the master level currently isn’t going any higher than 80 for everybody, and this was supposed to a “new and improved” version of the Shadow Brides game. But it seems like this new game might be getting “abandoned” just like the old one did! Unless the creators want to say differently??

  • Hello player. Thanks for your feedback. The max master level is lv.80 currently. We will constantly optimize our game to provide a better gaming experience for you. If you have any good suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us in-game support. We will consider your feedback seriously. Thank you for your support.

Previous version stopped with no real warning, no transfer of character or introduction offer to compensate previous players. If developers treat you with this level of contempt then they really need to be avoided. Utterly disgusted. To make matters worse new version freezes on loading! Hardly a development for the better

I used to like this game a lot, it was fun enough and I made over A YEARS worth of progress on it before…this random change just happened. And call me a fool, but I spent money on this game and there’s NO offer to restore a purchase. I’d like all my money back, please, because all of my progress is GONE and I don’t feel like spending another year on this game. I’d like my money back on this scam of a game.

  • Hello. We are the new distributor of this product. Hence, we are sorry your original account data will not be saved. If you have any issues with the previous product, please contact the previous developer for communication and resolution. And will continue to update the version to provide better service to players. Thank you.

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