OUTERPLANE – Turn the tide of the battle

[Game] OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime

OUTERPLANEGuaranteed Distribution of 4 Highest Grade Heroes!

Special events for new players are underway!
Recruit the Hero of your choice with Selective Recruitment!
You’ll also receive various currencies for growth, along with free Recruits as a bonus! Log in now to claim all these benefits!

Strategic Battles
Challenge your abilities in strategy-based combat!
Turn the tide of the battle with your brilliant move!

Dynamic Action
Experience unparalleled action with an array of different compositions and
a variety of combo attacks to unleash on your enemies!

Stunning 3D-Artwork
A gaming experience elevated with fully rendered 3D graphics and
eye-catching visuals that make you feel like you’re part of the action!

Dazzling Cutscenes
Be dazzled by the unique combat skills of every character and
immerse yourself in the colorful and exciting cutscenes!

Epic Stories
A masterpiece ready to be explored.
Embark on an adventure in an otherworldly kingdom.

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*Application Permissions
No additional permissions are required.

Please note that the Special launch Events rewards are only available to eligible countries for the global launch of the game.

These rewards are limited to one per account and players who have already received them in countries where the game has already launched (such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines) will not be able to receive them again.

OUTERPLANE user reviews :

4 stars, the games’ overall experience is fun, but there are some things to improve on, such as drop rates on materials like gold, exp, etc. Another problem is the fact that some stages require you to have a specific hero to make it doable, ofcourse it still can be beaten, but the fact that it requires you do so much in order to beat the stage, then you see a video breezing through the stage because they have this and that hero, a simple fix would probably make adjustments. Again, game is good.

  • The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE Hello, Master! We’re delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the game. We will certainly forward your thoughts to our developers for future improvements to the game. Happy gaming!

It’s a great game but since the last update the crashing has gotten worse. I’m lossing progress on my dungeons when the boss is almost done and it’s getting really annoying. I know I don’t know the first thing about making a game but as a suggestion if the crashing is still going on maybe have it to where if the app closes it saves where you where at and let’s you complete it. I’ve seen some games do it before. maybe that would be a nice addition to a update coming in the future.

  • The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE Hello, Masters! We apologize for the inconvenience that you’ve experienced due to these issues. We are currently working on this matter, so please bare with us. Please check our notice on the STOVE community for updates. [https://page.onstove.com/outerplane/en] Thank you.

Love the game and the anime art style, the charaters are incredible and the fighting is awesome but the game crashes all the time, I would really love to play this game without it crashing on me so I am hoping for a better game experience in the near future. Please make the game not crash at all. I will still enjoy playing it even if it crashes.

  • The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE Hello, Masters! We’re sorry that you are having trouble with (Game Crashing). This issue has been reported and our developers are currently looking into it. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Thank you

The gameplay is fun and the characters are all amazing. But the one thing I have a lot of issues with is the adventure levels. Some of them tend to have bosses that tend to be too overpowered. An example of that would be in the chapter 10-23 or 25. Veronica is somehow too strong and it would be very better if the adventure mode had an easy handicap

  • The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE Hello, Master! We’re delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the game. We will certainly forward your thoughts to our developers for future improvements to the game. Happy gaming!

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