Dark Clan – Take revenge on the betrayer

[Game] Dark Clan – Squad Idle RPG

Dark ClanBloody fight begins! A friend, who fell under the power of the devil, betrayed his comrades, and became a devil himself!

An exciting action game in which you have to gather the strongest team to annihilate monsters and take revenge on the betrayer!

1. Collect the best heroes and build an unbeatable team.
Defeat enemies with over 60 powerful companions from over 15 different classes.
Unlock more abilities by combining high-class companions.
Learn the exciting stories of heroes in every episode.

2. Unleash the hidden powers of your companions through runes.
Discover and strengthen over 30 runes to further enhance the power of your companions.
Lead the battle to victory by strategically placing runes according to the attributes and class of your colleagues.

3. Experience more unique elements for team rise.
Use the Mastery tree to select and raise only the abilities you need.
Create unique synergy effects and demonstrate the slashing power by combining team skills.

4. Unlimited growth possibilities.
Challenge the Gem Guardian and win diamonds!
Acquire Mastery by receiving training from Repron in the Training Desert.
Discover the gold coins hidden in the bandits’ den!
Defeat soul predators and collect the souls of your companions.
Explore the mines and dungeons to gain the power of runes.

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Dark Clan user reviews :

so far so good with this game, I’ve only experienced one glitch that was more likely caused by my own phone and was easily solved by closing and reopening the game, overall I’m really enjoying this badass game and can’t wait to see where it’s taken in the future with updates, I’m certain I’ll be hooked with this game for awhile so thank you for this awesome game

I really like the concept on putting berserk but is there a way that you can put some a little bit grind moment. But instead every thing is pay to win and you can even win after many hours of grinding you really need to watch ads and pay for overcoming the boss level I know you guys want to pay your hard work but please add some grind level for us btw I enjoyed the game but I’m really disappointed for being its pay to win

The game alright just a simple idle game but my only issue is the rolls for character, items and spells like you need to be roll level 15 just to have a chance for the highest character and each level is like 1500 rolls which is very grindy it just gets bored too quick i played it for a week now and overall its ok

I reach rank 60-ish, but my progress halt because the quest require me to conquest rune mine 6, but with 2 free ticket perday + 1 ticket at the beginning I only can beat mine 5, so I wait, and after I can finally continue progresssing the quest, the same quest appears again that require me to beat mine 8 and I’m not gonna wait again this time.

Overall the game is pretty good but as with every other mobile game it goes from fun to impossible without spending in only a few hours. Spent 60k gems and didn’t even make it one chapter ahead.

As far as it goes it’s alright! if you like these types of games it’s up their and if you don’t like ads theirs plenty of ad bonuses to make the purchase viable!

The game is very fun to watch let alone play, something to help pass the time by! Highly recommended for gamers who enjoy automatic games!

Game itself is ok. Fairly standard idle mechanics. Downside is that there is no offline progress and pay wall hits early.

pretty good for an indevelopment game that has only been out for a little while. im excited to see what gets added and changed as time goes

Very fun game, quite a entertaining game too, it have a lot of good benefit but it’ll get harder through out the game and that what is cool. So yeah just play it and be patient.

So far I’ve played for a few hours. it’s starts off slow then picks up. Fun. try it

After a cupple of days of playing it just dosent log me in it get to the point louading game then it shuts out

the app have a great potential maybe in the future updates add features like clan;where you can do clan wars and war chats with your fellow clan mates, and arena where u can compete eith other players and also global chat

I really like ittt!!! It’s simple and amazing! I like everything in this!!! Niceee

It’s a nice game tbh, but it needs to be more optimized along with the ads that’s so slow in execution. Separate button for Sleep Mode is needed. A feature for First Top Up Reward should is a must in every idle game be it a single reward or 3 days feature reward upon buying any iap. Well, keep up the good job.

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