Squishy Magic – Welcome to the magical world of Squishy

[Game] Squishy Magic – 3D Toy Coloring

Squishy MagicFollowing its tens of millions of installs for their hit game Super Slime Simulator, Dramaton is proud to present a new generation of anti-stress 3D coloring games:

Squishy Magic: 3D Art Coloring & DIY Toys Maker

Welcome to the magical world of Squishy…
Create cute soft DIY antistress toys, choose their shape, color, and texture, collect your own unique designs and enjoy the ultimate ASMR squishing experience! Rotate your 3D design while coloring, choose your favorite style and colors from an endless number of free options and don’t forget to paint every part of your toy!

Once the coloring phase is over it’s time to enjoy your new DIY creation, just like you do with real antistress squishy toys: press, squeeze and crush your new 3D toy and watch it take back its original form time and time again – So relaxing! So satisfying!
Feel your anxiety disappear with every color you add, feel your heartbeat slowing with each oddly satisfying sound your squishy toy makes. Sit back , relax, let the squishy work its antistress ASMR magic on your mind…

Do you like to draw? You’re gonna love this game! Download Squishy Magic: 3D Art Coloring & DIY Toys Maker NOW and become a master of 3D toys DIY and coloring – a true 3D toy design artist!


DIY Squishy Making! – Choose colors, shapes, and textures from an endless number of free options and design your own unique 3D toy
Realistic Squishy Simulator – Real-life antistress toy physics behavior; Press it, squish it, squeeze it, crush it – and enjoy calming anxiety relief…
Oddly Satisfying ASMR Sounds – Say no to anxiety! Turn up the volume and listen to satisfying ASMR anti-stress sounds.
Endless Number of free Colors & Textures to draw with – Glossy colors, spray colors, pastel colors and over +200 different shades of all colors!!!
Endless Variety of 3D toys – Strawberry, flying unicorn, baby unicorn, burger, mermaid, donut, kawaii figures, emojis, pixel and more!

Which color will you choose? How many squishies will you collect? Every anti-stress toy you’ve ever dreamed of is just a click away…Download Squishy Magic: 3D Art Coloring & DIY Toys Maker NOW, enroll in the next generation of DIY painting & coloring games, and start creating your very own antistress toys…!

Squishy lovers – unite!
Art, painting, and drawing are for everyone!
Just like we did in Super Slime Simulator, we welcome everybody to take part in the ultimate antistress ASMR and DIY experience. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Squishy Magic: 3D Art Coloring & DIY Toys Maker is the game for you!

Happy Squishing

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Squishy Magic user reviews :

This game is one of my favourites I have all of the dramaton games but there’s a problem do you know about moraiah Elizabeth and her channel well in this game theres a Moriah eliezebeth level the problem is that you only get one squishy (pickles) and the rest you have to pay for them with real money please fix the problem and make them all free

its a very good game! I just wish you can feel the squishies, but I think the creators can’t do that and it’s ok if you can’t creators! its still very good

It’s honestly. a pretty cute game. But the amount of ads in this game. There’s an ad after EVERY.SINGLE.thing u do. And when u get a reward there’s a continue option and watch ad for more stuff option even if u click continue an ad will show . If it weren’t for the ads this would’ve been a nice game

This is a SUPER DUPER awesome game. but there are some flaws. first of all, u HAVE to pay money no matter WHAT to get the Moriah Elizabeth special. secondly, it’s 5 dollars and a couple cents to get all of the squishies available, remove ads, and other stuff. i do recommend, but dont tell me i didnt warn ya if you hate it. after all, it IS my favorite mini game. creaters– this is for you– lower the prices for no ads. back to Moriah, i am her BIGGEST fan and i NEED HER SPECIAL.

I honestly love this game, I love the squishes they’re cute and lovely. I love to check for updates for more new cute squishes and colors and wallpapers.

So fun.I love that you can color the same squishy over and over again.It comes with some miny games,and the miny games are very fun.no bugs at all.

its a great game so many cute squishys to Design but the only problome way to many ads and really laggy it would always take me out of the game when im designing

This is a really good game i love the cute little squishy there so cute but try not to put ads after every squishy super good asmr

Very fun, I recommend, but it does have ads ALOT. But u can skip all of them and have cute squishys, so I recommend them. For all ages, and I think kids would love this.

I love the cute game! And the game tricks your brain to thinking your touching it. It is one of my favorite games. But one thing I dont like is if you want to share your squishy , the other person has to own the game. Other than that, this game is the BEST! I love how when you watch an ad,if you unlock something , it stays unlock A lot of games make you rewatch an ad everytime. And you can skip a lot of the ads too.

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