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[App] DataGuard No Root Firewall

DataGuardDataGuard No Root Firewall offers helps you block access to the internet so that you can prevent web attacks and protect yourself from unwanted access to the internet.

You can allow or deny applications and addresses access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

With firewall technologies and secure filter lists, you comprehensively protect your privacy and are also informed about what is being shared with the world.

Protection and Control
DataGuard s a powerful firewall app for Android. The Firewall protects you from hacker attacks and notifies you when an app tries to send data to the internet.

You can see in real-time which apps are accessing which servers or wasting mobile data. With simple filter rules, you can allow or deny individual connections to an app.

With DataGuard No Root Firewall, you monitor and block data traffic. With two clicks, you select the apps that should be blocked. You can completely prevent online access to an app. This also improves the performance of your device and relieves battery usage.

Enhanced firewall protection against outgoing connections
All network connections routed through the own firewall VPN access point
Control over all installed apps
Block background and system apps
Insights into network traffic
Live view of current data connections
No root required
Reduce battery consumption
Reduce consumption of mobile data
Light and dark theme
100% open source
Actively developed and supported
Android 5.1 and later supported
IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
Tethering supported
Optionally allow when screen on
Optionally block when roaming
Optionally block system applications
Optionally notify when an application accesses the internet
Optionally record network usage per application per address

DataGuard is the best no-root firewall offering app. Download DataGuard No Root Firewall and secure your phone now!

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DataGuard user reviews :

Wonderful free firewall. Works very similar to Zonealarm for the desktop, which I have had running for over 2 decades. This is the one piece I have been missing for my android devices. If you can control what communicates to the rest of the world then the device will be a lot more secure. I have installed software on my PC before that shouldn’t have required to communicate with the internet but was asking for permission. I would deny them and then uninstall the software.

So my first impression is good, but even though the APP claims no data collected and no data shared with 3rd parties I can’t help but worry that the VPN does not abide by these rules. I would like to configure my own VPN but i couldn’t find an option to select my already installed VPN instead, only options for exact network addresses. Very useful, but the VPN that provides functionality to the APP needs more transparency..

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, you can not use another VPN app together with Data Guard. For a real VPN try our Full Tor VPN. Data Guard blocks access to the internet only.

I like this app it works well is easy on the eye and has plenty of options… but I do feel that a help section explaining them would be extremely useful (Not all users are tech savvy) All in all it works and does it’s job… no ads and it’s free so no complaints from me… You have nothing to lose by installing the app and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your phone is protected and safe. Thank you devs for all the work you have put into the app… well done

  • Hello! Thanks for your review and valuable suggestions, we’ll pass them along to our development team. Stay tuned!

DataGuard can’t install if NetGuard is installed! It’s one or the other, can’t install both! I understand that most people wouldn’t use both apps, but it not unusual to try to install both just to test them. Thete is no information why both can’t be installed. It just says can’t be installed. So I’m left guessing (I had to uninstall 9 of the most recent apps to discover the cause). I’m sure many would have hard reset their phones I’ve given 4 stars, but I’ve still not used the app.

  • Hi! Thanks for rating us. Feel free to email us at support[at] if you have any questions about the app.

this app saved my phone from being smashed into pieces..!  thnkU Only complaint is the Legend is incomplete! cuz it works so well in the background, the rare occasion I dO need to tweek something, I don’t remember what some of the basic icons mean.. but still, if I cud grow an extra arm, I’d give it

  • Hi! Thanks for your kind review. Feel free to email us at support[at] if you have any questions.

One of the few apps that works the way it’s supposed to it allows you to pick exactly what apps are allowed to send data out of your phone has different modes some cool notification features plus tracking so you know which apps are really bad. thanks goes to the people like data guard

  • Hello! We’re pleased that you enjoyed the App. Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at support[at] if you have any questions

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