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Password GeneratorPassword Generator is open source app for generating secure passwords using cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator.

You are given options to choose which characters your password should contain or you can choose your set of a custom symbols. Generating passwords with Password Generator is fast and easy, just check options and hit a button.


Very intuitive to use, only click on a button
Simply choose which characters your password should contain
Passwords are generated by cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator
No internet and storage permission required, your passwords are never stored anywhere
Generates passwords with 1 – 999 characters
Generates up to 99 passwords simultaneously
Use custom symbols which password should contain
Use your own seed to generate passwords
Shows password strength and bits of entropy
Automatically clears clipboard
Can be easily used as random number generator
Does not require any permission
Light and dark app themes
App is Open Source
No Ads

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Password Generator user reviews :

I have been using this Password Generator application for several years. It creates passwords that I believe are very secure

Very easy to do. Choose any number, letter or symbols & let the app do the rest. If you don’t like what they shown you, generate it again until you see something you like. You could have one password, copy that onto your phone or have a choice by selecting how many (upto 99) & generate to see what comes up, take your pick & save in your device. Ultra strong is from 32 digits in length plus. I have seen no ads while I’ve used it but I’m only using it for a brief moment before exiting the app.

A most useful app for generating strong passwords that will pass any sites requirements word I’m regarding capital and lowercase letters. you can also make sure nothing is repeated. One password I had to delete all the special characters except one. It is very nice that there is an option in the menu to replace that without having to figure it all out.

The application is nice with the option of cleaning clipboard. Can you consider to add a amoled black colour to application theme in addition to light & dark colours? In addition, would it be possible to have an option to “save the profile” which would save the settings which include the selected options and the length of password to be used for different purposes. It will eliminate the repetition of settings over and over again.

Probably the most useful app I have. Self-made passwords just don’t cut it anymore and this app let you customize the password to the requirements of the website you’re using.

I gave this app 3 stars. However, I may come back to change that because I haven’t used the app very much. It generates passwords, no problem, I’m just not sure how secure the app is. It stores the password it generates for any particular thing. There is an opportunity to use that password without authority. It’s just a thought. Considering the number of security breaches in recent times.

i have had problems with trying to make my own passwords. so i got this app. oh my gosh. it’s perfect. i can choose upper or lowercase. numbers or special characters. i can click through till i find the right passwords. i copy it to the clipboard and add it. thank u.

This app simply generates passwords, cleanly, without fuss and copies the password to clipboard for 15 seconds to allow pasting…preventing errors in inputting the wrong code. Flexible with length of character string and the ability to pre determine type of letters/ characters used. Very helpful. Thank you.

Doesn’t require any permissions and it is open source. Great. I can see some reviews which are 4 stars asking for more features. More features would require more permissions which could be less secure. They are missing the point.

Pretty good password generator. I would like to see a customizable exclusion list option to remove ambiguous characters. For example: Il| Three characters that look almost identical. Some fonts you can even include 1 in that list.

All the features offered in this app are exactly what I need or want. Similar characters can be turned on or off, special characters or symbols can be selected, the letters y and z can be omitted, etc. Simply the best password generator.

Perfect. No permissions needed! Does what is needed. There’s even a dark mode! Low reviews are from people who don’t understand how technology works (it is a complex subject, so not everyone will), and the developer is kind enough to explain it to them despite their low reviews remaining. Ask a programmer or person in IT security. They will say this app is great! So, this app is mainly for people who already understand security, not people who don’t and would not like to learn at this time.

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