Dawn Break – Whole new Hero for you to dominate the battlefield

[Game] Dawn Break – Night Witch

Dawn Break  3 Whole new Hero for you to dominate the battlefield!

The black rose in the darkness – Grace
The mysterious Blademaster from far east- Kotetsu
The princess who rules the Beastkin – Maru

Sequel to ‘Dawn Break -Origin-‘, with new battle stance changing and new control system.

Offline solo ARPG
Smooth action and battle
Phenomenal Story
Rare Equipments & Spirits to master

◎Elite Action RPG – Is your control skill enough for the trial?
Absolutely no dull moment, absolute test of your skill! Only continuous practices can aid you in desperate Boss fights.

◎The most legendary storyline – Break levels continuously
More than 100 levels, “Ordinary” and “Elite” challenges await you.

◎Beated the game? There’s more for you to explore!

Solo heroes, join fellow adventurers in《Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor》now! Get access to more Story line, new Characters, and find guilds that are recruiting new blood!

Google Play URL:smarturl.it/xwuif0

Because of the size of the game, Dawn Break will request your permissions for Photo/Media/ Files to access external storage
DawnBreak is rated PG12
Please play the game responsibly.
All characters and plots in the game are purely fictional.

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Dawn Break user reviews :

Good game I always wanted to play a game like this but ads haha it’s okay hey um it’s gonna be more fun if it online like to play with a friend I will give 5 stars to this game!

I give it 4 stars.I like Playing RPG games and i really love the new characters specially the beastkin princess-Maru and the succubus(fairy), it’s cute. But it said sequel to dawn break origin(Is what I’m expecting) was but it s the same story and doesn’t fit the storyline.

Here’s my honest review Auer Media Devs. I really love the idea you guys brought into this knowing that it can be played offline, and the additional new characters are really awesome. But the fact that the story is just exactly the same from Origins is a big disappointment, not to forget that I was expecting a sequel as it is stated in the game description. I do love you guys for making such an amazing game, but my expectations from your game such as this just ruined my day knowing that I wasted a huge chunk of data hoping to get a new storyline that was supposed to be again a sequel. (but turned out, that it’s not)..

So far (chapter 4), story-control-graphics-movement are good. The ads to play way is acceptable/reasonable for me. The only weird thing is, the main chars involved in conversation are not the 1st playable chars. It’s OK I guess, I don’t care to how my char look after sometime anyway.

Finally a game that is not internet dependant! The game is great and has some really cool console quality features. If you’re tired of looking for “offlineable” JRPG, give this a shot! 5 stars for easy controls, graphics, story and offline play! Hope to see more offline games in the future.

I give this game two stars coz its the same damn story as tje firt installment. Its a great game, but I expected I was downloading two different storeis ,only to get the same thing with diferrebt characters. Dev team should make a new game fast and make it offline too as an apology to we who you disappointed. I want to see a new Dawn break with more caharacters and a differebt story. The graphics are nice, but we need more story. Andbif they could change weaopons it would be cool too.

Completed 100% !! Thanks for an amazing game Devs I supported you by watching all the ads and bought the ad remover aswell, I finally completed the game and got 3 stars on all normal and elite levels, the level 99 immortal weapons are insane XD, I’m wondering would you add more to the game as I’d love an even harder mode where or something interesting in mind? Loved the game! 5*

This game is great! I love that the this can be played offline. But I do feel sad at the lack of story line. There’s so little. Not to mention, there are only three characters? Thats kinda sad. I know that theres an online version but its not available in my country and I wonder if you’re going to release it globally any time soon.

Perfect game for me, I keep searching for Role Play Games that doesn’t requires internet but most of them are not as good as this game, one of my favorite game so far! It’s intense and I like it a lot.

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