Game of Gods – Choose the path of good or evil by saving or destroying mankind

[Game] Game of Gods

Game of Gods  Experience fast action and strategic gameplay as you unleash incredible magic against the hordes of Chaos!

Collect dozens of spells and discover the unique ways they interact with each other. Choose the path of good or evil by saving or destroying mankind, appease the greater gods to unlock challenges, collect powerful champions to fight with you in battle, customize your god, play with other players in large scale cooperative campaigns, and so much more!


Drag and drop spells on to the battlefield to unleash devastating magic
SINGLE PLAYER: Progress through a campaign with unique monsters, bosses, locations, and more
MULTIPLAYER: Join other players in group multiplayer if you choose, and battle together towards a common goal as you defend against large scale invasions
Discover how spells interact with each other – electrify water, burn trees, water plants, and more
Play as good, evil, or both, by saving or destroying mankind
Appease different gods and embark down several unique challenge paths
Collect a variety of powerful champions that fight alongside you in battle; from a noble king, to an armored bear, to a giant skeleton warrior, and many more
Customize your god with clothes, armor, god gifts, mutations, and more
Play against a variety of powerful enemy types, creating deep, strategic gameplay
Collect worshippers and earn powerful rewards as your god grows in fame
Immerse yourself in a unique world with interesting characters
Beautiful graphics & over the top effects

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User Reviews :

It’s a fun concept. You get actively choose between good and evil in who you kill, and the abilities interact with each other in interesting ways. I would give it 5 stars BUT the only reason I don’t is because the ability choice for each game is random. I don’t know why, it doesn’t suit it and causes, in some cases the only chance of you winning to be decided by RNG. Also you get to upgrade certain abilities, so you can imagine how annoying it gets when you don’t even get to play that abilitu

The game needs some major rework in the graphics department, my phone can run anything and never overheats, but this game makes it blistering hot after 5 minutes on the “Medium” settings, also, it keeps changing our settings to random options for no apparent reason. Another thing is, the stronger you get, and the more skills you get, the harder it is to choose a decent build, because the selection is random. At least and option for Good or Evil or choosing one Elemental force would be welcome.

I really, REALLY wanted to like this game. But for some reason it’s stuck on the screen that asks you to upgrade a skill using God points. No matter what skill I click and then click done, the screen never proceeds and the God points aren’t deducted. Don’t know if this is a glitch or what but, I can’t progress pass the initial tutorial. Really disappointing

The premium currency isnt hard to accumulate. This game has a new concept you probably never experienced. The interaction between spells and your “pet” is pretty neat. Give it a go you like something new. (there are still improvement that can be made especially on the social aspect).

Buggy. Fun when it works and i like that you get new powers and your gods stand tall above the little people and hurls magic. But buggy as hell. Game stops sometimes for no reason, forcing me to exit. Now the language changed all on its own and im stuck with some runic language i have no comprehension of and i cant change it back myself. The game needs work and i need support.

Amazing game, although it gets laggy at times on high graphics even on my brand new galaxy note 9. Also after loading an invasion team-up the game just force quits when loading. To show my support to the developers I’ve already done a few in-app purchases to remove advertisements & increase the God points. I would really want to have an endless/survival mode in the game and more importantly longer lasting levels of atleast 2 to 3 minutes in some cases. Developers please do reply.

this game is wonderful …however if you were allowed to choose your own spells in the games instead of given a chance to do spells base on spin select it would make it better to have more control and gameplay it is not easy to get spells needed when majority of the time if gives you spells that are not effective enough for example: give light or fire spells when enimeies are imune to thoes spells is just pointless when it come to fighting

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Miscellaneous bug fixes

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