Dead Rain 2 – Enjoy the fun of true manipulation

[Game] Dead Rain 2 – Tree Virus

Dead Rain 2Nucleus & Slash Side Scrolling Action RPG

Survive the hell out of a world where a tree grows in your body!
A game where you can enjoy the fun of true manipulation on mobile
Various stages are available

Game Features
numerous stages
Various skills
Exploiting the weakness of zombies
fun of manipulation
Combat with various bosses
Hidden elements for each stage
Distinctive graphics

The data is initialized when the mobile phone is replaced with the guest or when the application is deleted. We recommend Google sign-in.
Partial Paid Items and Ads.

Dead Rain 2 user reviews :

Interesting game. Sometimes not in a good way. What are the gold cubes for? Seems you can only upgrade skills with stars. You only get three per level,four if you find the green one,so that’s gonna take forever. Why all the same types of clothing just with different attributes? A variety of clothes would have been better.I don’t really mind the graphics, but I kept getting hurt.Seems I was running through spikes.Everything looks the same.Interesting game,needs some improvement,but it’s a keeper.

1- The graphics are ok some times the screen becomes very blurry. 2- Controls are some how good but if you add a hybrid option for it it will be awesome. 3- The story is very good but the videos that are shown in the game are short they need to be longer so that you can feel the characters ,their thoughts, what are they doing ,what are they up to….etc.4- the idea of stopping you from playing and completing levels after level 14 untile you replay levels on hard from the beggining is just stupid

I have played the game before in my old device and decided to install it again to my new one. So, I only encounter one bug for now and that is after I watch ads to claim all the rewards of a level, I don’t see any exit button at all and when I try to press the back button of my device, it does not go back to the menu. So, I’m stuck at the reward screen and I always rest the game and at the end I did not get all of the rewards. I hope you can fix this if possible. I will rate the game 5star if fixed

This game looked interesting. It looked like it had a lot to deliver. Unfortunately, I could not get myself to play it because of how cluttered everything was. The dialogues goes too fast, you have a ton of stats bar which are never soothed into the player, and finishing a level means bring up menus that has a lot of stuffs in it. The fix for this is a simple. Just soothe the player into each mechanic. Introduce them one by one. Make the dialogues proceed by tap on screen.

Like its predecessor, it grinds you down. This time? Way worse. Superior graphics and similar sound to the original cover up the slightly messier controls and gameplay, adding too much WEBZEN-esque bulk inventory for the format to contain and manage. The directional controls are more slippery than average, but it’s a good attempt to bridge the worlds of RPG and platform runner through a zombiepox lens, and what narrative there is is only a little above average. Like a tacky “The Last Of Us”.

The gameplay ie enjoyable but the control sucks. I keep miss pressing buttons because shoot button and jump button is so close. When there’s lots of enemies charging high speed towards me I keep pressing jump instead of shoot. Vice versa when I need to jump I miss press shoot and got killed. The inability to reload at will is so annoying too. I keep reloading in the middle of the battle.

Game would get 5 stars except that after watching ads to accept 3 items at the end of the match you are returned to the game with NO EXIT button to get back to the main screen. The only option is to restsrt the app. You lose all mission progress and get no items but they got there ads watched. This needs to be fixed and I will redownload. I had to replay 3 missions. Also does this in yue shop. Watching ads gets you nothing!!

Where I like the concept of the game, I am not a fan of the action button layout. It would be nice if it were in a fan style. It would be good to have a better explanation of the items and what you can do with them as well and I don’t really understand the upgrading of the clothing and weaponry either. Also why do I always have to close down and re-open my game when I go back to obtain the stars I didn’t get the first time through? There’s never any other way to move on than to restart.

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