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[Game] Wild Arena Survivors

Wild Arena Survivors Join the wildest battle royale!

Choose your Survivor to fight in fast-paced battles with 40 players on one map! Explore an exotic island for resources to make you stronger, defend yourself against wild animals and fight other players to win!

Welcome to the Wild Call festival! A criminal madman billionaire is hosting a cultural festival on his private island, promising a life-changing experience. Many thrill-seekers have joined from all over the world – but they got more than what they asked for! Now trapped on the isolated island, they are forced to participate in his violent, crazy games – who will be the last true Survivor?

Play a variety of unique Survivors with their own weapons, abilities and playstyles! Collect them all and level up their skills to unlock their true potential!

Search the island for resources to upgrade your weapons and items during each match! Improve your gear to blast your enemies away!

Prove yourself on an untamed exotic island filled with secrets, wild animals and other Survivors! Adapt and improvise in hostile environments to make it through the match!

Prove your skills in fast-paced matches in this hero-based battle royale! Face off against other players and master the playstyle of your chosen Survivor!

Choose from an increasing variety of game modes! Experience the adrenaline rush of making it on your own in SOLO MODE, or team up with other players in DUO MODE to lead your team to victory!

Accomplish various quests to complete the battle pass, earn resources and unlock the star Survivor of the Season!

Choose from over 13 unique Survivors with their own playstyle and backstory!
Matches with 40 players in various game modes!
Upgrade your Survivors and their Perks for more powerful playstyles!
Improve your Weapons and Items during each match to get stronger!
…And much more!

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Wild Arena Survivors user reviews :

Graphics: the quality is good but a little worried because it can easily heat up the phone even in low graphics. Settings: there is too little costumization. Controls: a little concern to play with more comfort if the settings for controls sometimes it feels heavy and unresponsive. Matchmaking: it would really be nice to even the level for fair play. Internet connection: is poor should i say the servers. What a letdown cheating in the game feels bad for the future of the game

  • Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to express your feedback. We will definitely transmit it to the team as your opinion is super important for us!

Solid gameplay, beautiful graphics and I love the concept of the games. From overall playing experience 10/10, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement especially in optimising the game because right now it is resource intensive. It will heat up your phone quickly unless you have some dedicated gaming phone with a lot of cooling. I played this game on my Poco F4, it runs beautifully but quickly heat up my phone. But besides of that, keep up the good work Ubisoft!, Cheers.

the graphics is nice. the artstyle is boom. the survivor design, skills, gun also on fire. but u need to solve the connection/gameplay issue. sometime glitch, bug, laggy & freeze. then, need to change the map because its look boring. next, give us more prize like 7 days login or mission prize. the most important is how can i add friend? there’s no place to chat.

  • Hello! Thank you for your opinions and suggestions. We will make sure these are passed to the team.

Good game, just can’t play it. I managed to play a couple rounds when connected to a friends high end wifi. But when connected to basic wifi or just data it either struggles to the point of unplayable or just shuts off when you start a match. I really think this is a good game with many possibilities but if I can’t pay it then what’s the point.

  • Hello, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having connection issues. Please fill out a support ticket at  ubisoft-mobile.helpshift.com. and provide your in-game name and full details of the issue. Our support team will be happy to assist you!

My honest review – The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is fun and addictive. The map looks nice and overall a good game. Now for the bad points- Obtaining new heroes is extremely hard, the drop rate is very low (25% on the most expensive chest). 99% of my games have been vs bots with 1-2 real people. Duo always matches me solo. Heroes are too expensive to upgrade, my current upgrades cost 6000 and you get about 100 per game

  • Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to express your feedback. We will definitely transmit it to the team as your opinion is super important for us!

Great game, one thing is give the ability to duo with people. More social interaction as a whole and tie progression into cosmetics rather than survivor power a bit more. It can feel a bit pay to win or at least pay to be better than the rest by a bit. Overall, definitely worth a try and has a lot of potential!

Latest Update :


New Survivor: SIREN
New Foes: Beware of PIRATES!
New Seasonal Leaderboards: Compete with the world for the top spot!
New Outfits: You can now unlock alternative outfits for your survivors!
New Shorter Seasonal System: Each season now lasts for 4 weeks with more rewards!
New Emotes to show off!
The WILD PASS is now subscription based

Contact developer :


Video :

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