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[Game] Deadly Lust – Queen’s Choice

Deadly LustA mysterious fire ended your glamorous life…

Maybe it’s your desire to figure out the conspiracy behind the fire or your sincere prayer that God gives you the second chance at life.

When you wake up, you, a former top star, are reborn as a young model. Rising from the ashes, now you are coming back!
Again, struggling in the entertainment world full of intrigues and dangers, you feel familiar but also strange, and you are well aware of how many dark times you would have to go through to become a bright star.

But this time, you are no longer alone as you have friends and partners who give you enormous help. And the four men, what kind of romantic entanglement will you have?

The past will unfold, and the truth is waiting for you to discover.

Game Feature

Customize Your Style
Choose your skin color and facial features as you like. Highly trendy hairstyles, make-up, outfits and accessories of different styles are waiting for you in your wardrobe! Sexy, elegant, vintage, exotic, cute… Which is your favorite style?

Dress Up in Limited Outfits
Use rare props and finish quests to win High-end fashion designs in [Haute Couture] and theme outfits in [Fashion Designer]!

Riveting Plots, Voice Acting
As a rising reborn star, you are destined to fight for success. Those people around you, are they friends or foes? Your fate lies in your hands. Make your own choices!
Queen’s Choice provides an immersive interaction experience for players by creating ravishing dubbing together with sounds and music.

Hot Lovers, Sweet Romance
The gentle doctor, the hot journalist, the rich CEO, or the talented musician? Let’s see what sparkles you will have and Cheer for Love together!

Sweet Dates & Messages
Flirt, Date with them and send them Gifts to increase your Intimacy! Hear his charming voice and send him a message whenever you miss him! Create more exclusive memories with your lovers!

Strong Partners
Unlock and upgrade your Partners to boost your Influence. Send them to the Arena to Battle with other idols!

Ultra HD Pics
The high-quality graphics record all the sweet moments you have with him! Each day with him matters a lot to both of you!

Chat & Friends
Make friends with players all over the world and chat with them on the Public/World Channel!

Idol Rush & Ranking List
Grab a seat among the top 200 idols to win rewards. The champions will be worshiped by everyone!

Party Queen, Multiple Outfits
Host or attend a Gala or a Private Party to have fun with other idols in your most gorgeous dress!

Free Diamonds & Valuable Gifts
Get free Diamonds by watching ads every day! No need to spend real money! Also, finish daily quests and use FB Exchange Codes to win free props in the game.

Top Up Bonus & Growth Fund
Unlock VIP Privileges by purchasing valuable giftpacks! When Time-Ltd Offer pops up, seize it!
Win 2000% Bonus (a total of 14,280 Diamonds) and 6000% Bonus (Diamonds and props) in Growth Fund!

Customer Support: fancylove2022[at]

Deadly Lust user reviews :

I was gonna say it feels like a copy of Flipped bur it’s the same company, so no wonder. English has much better flow here, and that makes it easier to get into the story, even though lg. too casual. American maybe. I prefer the art style and feel of Flipped overall, (despite my problem with text flow there), but I’ll give this one go just because the flow of English makes reading a lot more immersive than in flipped. But I definitely prefer the feel of flipped.

  • Thank you so much for your love and support! Love you! Enjoy the game and have a great day!

There should be more updates to the story, instead of “fixing” earlier chapter. I don’t like that we have to wait a month to get ONE new chapter! And I have so much energy and all that, so it takes me 5 mins to get thru the ONE new story….plus you give us tasks to complete and one of them is energy usage……tell us how we are supposed to use energy when we have no one creating new chapters to the story! No one cares able the sound, please stop fixing earlier chapters and give us NEW ONES!

  • Thank you so much for your continued support. Our writer is working on the new chapters now. Presently, you can use the extra Energy in the Story – Fame PK. We will release as much as possible in a short time.

So far, of all the dress up and romance games I’ve tried, this one is my favorite. Definitely free to play. Super easy to get gems in the game. All in game currency is fairly easy to get in the game

  • Thank you for your support and love!

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