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DeckEleven RailroadsDeckEleven Railroads is an addictive railroad empire building game in full 3D.

You are in charge of building your own railroad empire, from track layout to cargo management. Choose your train configuration wisely, from steam-powered locomotives to modern diesel and electric engines. From India to USA, From Canada to France, your empire will grow worldwide .

The train is leaving the station now! Are you ready?

DeckEleven Railroads user reviews :

Addictive game If you’re looking for something like the old railroad tycoon games, this app is about as close as you’ll get. If you do wish to complete all of the levels, you will probably want to buy an in-app purchase for additional ‘hats’, but by that point you’ll probably feel it’s worth it. Only gripe is that it just lacks a few more set levels, randomly generated levels, or a sandbox mode.

Very nice game! Very nice game mechanics, some glitches, but after the update they became quite rare. Problems with signals are still there, but they are manageable. Best of all, you can play all levels without buying hats or redoing lower levels to earn some. Yes its possible. In the end I had 2900 hats left! Much fun, not too easy, love it!

Fantastic Recreation of a Classic Railroad Tycoon is still my favorite game I have ever played and this is as close of a tribute as I have seen. It is an honorable recreation of the classic, including maps inspired by old tycoon favorites. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, and very addictive. Now for the downside. I purchased the game so as to support the developers, but I also beat the whole thing in less than two days. Two Days!! And I still had 1.8 million “hats” left over. Please create a sandbox mode and more levels!!

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