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Defense DerbyDefense Derby, the ultimate Betting Royale, is here to shake up the battlefield!

Unleash your strategic prowess in an unprecedented PvP Tower Defense experience, unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

4-player PvP Derby Mode Defense Derby
Experience the thrill of victory in PvP Defense Royale, where the battle continues until only one remains.
Defend your castle against progressively stronger waves of monsters in this Tower Defense game.

Unit Scouting System Defense Derby
Recruit essential units using Derby Chips.
From daring early-game bets to resilient late-game tactics, use your best strategies to defend your castle.

3X3 BINGO Deployment Strategy Defense Derby
Discover a familiar yet captivating 3X3 BINGO deployment strategy in this PvP Tower Defense game.
Strategically deploy units based on their type, faction and attack range to maximize the synergy effects!

Guardian’s Journey System Defense Derby
Rise through the ranks as you compete against players globally.
Unlock a variety of rewards by reaching higher levels. Rewards include exclusive castle skins and various in-game currencies!

Various PvE Modes Defense Derby
Challenge Your Defense Limits with Blitz Mode Tower Defense
Meet Various Monsters in Dungeons Tower Defense
Collect Rewards from Defending the Castle in Idle Mode Tower Defense
Enjoy with Friends in Friendly Derby Mode Tower Defense

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Defense Derby user reviews :

It’s a good game, but there are some major things holding it back. Firstly, it is rather laggy this is very obvious in later rounds and when certain enemies are spawned. Second, it pushes you to focus on multiplying and to grind it a lot. limiting you with the campaign due to the much higher levels and ranks of the enemy. A better campaign or more game modes would make this much better Finally, resources are either too easy or too difficult to get with no real benefit when spending it

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at battlegroundsindia_support[at]

The game started fun, but suddenly everything is laggy and I can barely play, one action takes like 6 seconds to be registered and is very frustrating losing matches just because the units don’t move when you want them to. 3 stars because the game has potential, they just need to fix the lag, and no the issue is not my internet connection.

  • Thank you for playing and supporting Defense Derby. This kind of feedback makes us grateful and encourages us to deliver better service and more content to our players. If you have any other feedback aside from this, you may use the in-game support option. Thank you for your feedback and we hope that you continue enjoying the game!

I like the tower defense game. Graphics is perfect, goes same as the in-game interface, shop and quests. However, I do suffer severely graphical lagging (may cause to slow down the phone performance & tends to overheat and drains more battery) and internet connection (whether it is either mobile Cellular or WiFi) during not only the online Player-versus-Player (4v4) Derby match, but all modes. Please, can it be solved as quickly for the next update, as I am very interested in playing this game.

  • Thank you for playing Defense Derby. We are happy that you are enjoying the game. This kind of feedback makes us grateful and encourages us to deliver better service and more content to our players. If you have any other feedback, you may send it to us through in-game support or send it directly to battlegroundsindia_support[at]

This is a real shame because I do enjoy playing the game and I was about to get some stuff from the store. I have great internet and a really good phone so my stuff is not the problem. Yet on the rounds that I play online on some it will delay 5 to 10 seconds for my inputs and that will make me lose the round completely. I do enjoy the game when it works I know what happened. It four or five stars but with this issue it’s unplayable.

  • We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize.

I would rate this four stars but it’s laggy as hell when you are doing the main part of the game which is the Derby which is PVP like to a point where it takes a good 4 seconds just to side oh hey you wanted to put a card there and then it’ll put it there if you’re lucky for a second layer if not you just have to keep on well for me and was I’d keep on moving it up there until it would actually accept it going up there.

  • We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize.

Good and new style of game, but just needs some bug fixing. Takes too long to place my units down after I placed them 3 seconds ago and it makes it hard to make my formations properly within the allotted time.

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