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[Game] Random Dragons – PVP & TD

Random DragonsWelcome to the fantastical realm of Dragon!

This PvP TD game will take you on an epic journey filled with dragons, strategic battles, and thrilling challenges.

Get ready to experience the following exciting features:

Merge and Evolve Dragons:
Merge dragons of the same type to unlock stronger and more mighty creatures.
Witness the breathtaking evolution of your dragons as they grow in strength and abilities.

Tower Defense PvP:
Strategically position your merged dragons to defend against waves of relentless goblins.
Utilize the unique abilities of each dragon to unleash devastating attacks and defend your territory.

Engage in Real-Time PvP Battles:
Test your skills against real players from around the world in thrilling real-time PvP battles.
Build a formidable defense and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses to become the ultimate TD master.

Collect Powerful Cards:
Collect a wide variety of powerful cards and unlock rare dragons to strengthen your army.
Strategically deploy these cards to unleash special abilities and turn the tide of battle.

Co-op Mode:
Form alliances with your friends and embark on cooperative missions together.
Combine your strengths and work as a team to conquer challenging objectives.

Complete Daily Challenges for Rewards:
Engage in quests that offer useful rewards upon completion.
Complete these challenges to earn exclusive rewards, rare dragons, and powerful cards.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as you merge dragons, defend against goblins, collect powerful cards, and engage in real-time PvP battles.

Download Random Dragons: PVP & TD game now and become the ultimate dragon master!

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Random Dragons user reviews :

I enjoy this game for the most part. But it’s repetitive and takes a long time to move up and or improve. I think if there was weakly fun events, or something to change it up and make it exciting to play it could add more enjoyment. I can see people easily lose interest due to it becoming boring/repetitive after a while.

The game was great until it updated and decided to cut my dragons’ damage to 1/11 of their usual partway into each match? My level 6 and 7 dragons lose consistently to level 1s. If this issue gets fixed I love the game but this makes it unplayable. I dropped from arena three to literally ZERO trophies.

So the game is very fun, cute, and addicting. Downside is you really do need to put money in to win, been playing a week, I keep losing because it’s so hard to make more then 7k a day in coins without playing (thats including watching the ads) I go up against people with 2-4 legendary dragons. Save all my diamonds I get to do the 10 pull. Done it a few times and still no legendary, the store stuff is to expencive for the dragons, honestly I am getting burnt out on this game. Pay to win game.

First and foremost, this game is fun. Even in the early beginning, with the right combo of dragons, you can still beat someone with higher level dragons. Second, you always have something to look forward to. Third, it has PvP, co-op, and solo (which involves how long can you last). In summary, I recommend this to anyone looking for a well-rounded game.

It’s still newer and in earlier stages. It’s general and very much like others of It’s kind. Same layout as RandomDice but the animation is cute and fun. There’s new features in development that will make it more mainstream but being an early adopter means you also get the bonus perks instead of playing a mostly finished game and coming in late. I give it 5/5 due to animation, fun game play, active development team, decent support.

Has the makings of a great game but resources are too hard to come by. Too hard to get any progress when f2p. Even when you pay, odds are so low that it doesn’t make any sense. Been playing for a couple days and feel like I haven’t made any progress at all.

Cute and fun until it bugs out, gives you overpowered opponents, or decides you’re too happy and has to destroy your progress :/ It’s hard to move forward without ptw

Fairly fun, has some balancing issues with matchmaking, where you can be pitted against players with higher level dragons than you, which is hardly fair. Rarity doesn’t seem to matter to much as one of the strongest dragons is an epic, and each dragon has a good use and can synergies with other dragons of any rarity.

I like the game its good but.. I rate it 4stars because even my network is not slow it always says connection failed I don’t know why..

Love the game but if u and ur appoinent both defeat the first few bosses u can sit in their defeating the lower level things for an hour without the level getting harder and one of u have to surrender to make it end…. This is the worse part of it the rest is perfectly fine just add more bosses so it doesn’t end with someone having to surrender after an hour of battling each other

If you’ve ever played random dice. This is almost like that, except with dragons and way cuter. Think, when it was simple and fun! 10/10 adorable game, love playing it. Would give it a try.

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