Demigod Idle – Unleash your divine and dark powers

[Game] Demigod Idle – Rise of a legend

Demigod Idle

Rewards X Action X Strategy = Overwhelming Idle Action RPG!

Play the overwhelming ‘Demigod Idle: Rise of a legend’ and unleash your divine and dark powers!

“Light or Darkness… What am I exactly?”

You are the mighty Demigod

who possesses both the power of angels and demons.

You, who had all your powers taken away by the Archangel Michael and the Archdemon Lucifer while trying to conquer the heavens…

Now, regain your angelic and demonic powers and embark on your revenge..!

From human…To Demigod

Experience rapid growth through idle gameplay with the power of gods! Grow at once with overwhelming rewards!

Enjoy overwhelming action in 2.5D graphics!

Experience dazzling and thrilling high-quality action. Feel the effects and impact that evoke the power of gods!

Special growth method utilizing the power of light and darkness!

Dominate the battlefield with the divine sword and defeat bosses with the dark sword! Double the overwhelming fun with two battle modes!

Awaken and unleash the power of rebirth!

Fill up the battle gauge to transform into a Demigod! Complete the 7-stage awakening to reclaim the power of rebirth!

Create your own Demigod with strategic gameplay!

Choose your own skills, costumes, and wings. Become the one and only overwhelming Demigod in the world!

Demigod Idle user reviews :

The game is kinda laggy but still playable. My biggest disappointment is that in the beginning we don’t get to choose our gender or change our skin tone. Other than that the game is decent. It’s very generous with the resources. I do have a inkling that later the game with become pay 2 win. But right now it’s playable without money.

  • Hi there, MaddameBePimpin! We appreciate your detailed review. Glad to hear you liked the rewards! We took time to make sure the gifts we prepared would be plenty for everyone! Thank you for your valuable thoughts about the customization aspects. We’ll definitely take note of your thoughts and review them for possible improvements!

It’s ok, not really worth the wait. Average for this game category which isn’t that good. I like these types of games but it’s gotta be good if you wanna keep me more than a day. This one is surprisingly competitive too, super p2w. I guess well done on the advertising!? Not for me. Disappointed tbh, was looking forward to this and am just a bit let down by how underwhelming it is. Was looking forward to some cool events for launch and we get ad watching event with poor rewards. Cheap.

  • Hello, Roy L. First of all, thank you for the detailed review. Your thoughts really help us look back to see what we can improve on. We also want to mention that while the competition in certain game modes can get intense, the strategy is crucial to taking you a step ahead. Appreciate your valuable input to the game

(Sorry for bad english) First of all, the game is actually great, a standard rpg game with tons of interesting features and does have a potential. However, in my opinion, the tutorial part (basically instructions/processes like upgrade this and that) it seemed to me that it is kind of fast like, I was overwhelmed like after I upgrade this, there’s another and after that you never noticed you already beaten the boss etc. It was just a very fast paced on the intro part, but what a great game tbh!

  • Hi there, Xavier! Thank you for the amazing review! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the game! We can definitely agree that the unique features and growth elements make this game stand out from others! On the other hand, we’ll be sure to review your feedback about the tutorial and see what can be improved. Hope you have a blast!

Pretty typical Idle RPG. Skins seem to be extremely difficult to obtain without paying real money, and most of the game is centered around upgrading stats and skills with very little else to do beyond that. The skill system is perhaps the most redeeming quality of the otherwise pretty standard idle game features.

  • Hi, August! Thank you for the detailed, honest review. Please note that we are sending special skins for reaching the pre-registration milestone! We also appreciate you sending us your thoughts about the skill system, and will definitely review them for possible improvements.

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