Democratia – An ecological natural paradise

[Game] Democratia – The Isle of Five

Democratia Take on the role of a clan leader and decide how a small island develops over 20 years.

This democratic island, which has some astonishing similarities with Switzerland, is home to five clans who together look after the well-being of the island. Each player takes on the role of a clan leader and, together with his clan members, looks after one of the island’s resources.

The game can be played with up to five players, each on their own smartphone or tablet (in the same Wi-Fi). You control the islanders and decide by voting how the island should develop. Again and again events break over the island, which can have disastrous to very pleasant effects on the clans.

But what is the goal of each player? Every tribe has a different utopia and wants to realize it. Will the island become a global trading platform? Or an ecological natural paradise? Will the players work together and let the island flourish, or will political intrigues and conflicts of interest in the fight for victory mean its demise?

Democratia user reviews :

Fun game with a very good concept, only problem is it can be difficult to pick people up to get them to join your clan, which can be especially annoying when the other clans steal from you. Otherwise a simple and fun pocket game.

The concept of the game is great.. the only reason it gets 2 stars, the reason its only 2 stars is because the AI is built to defeat you.. they never stop taking members and the game becomes repetitive

Good game but I have a really good suggestion that I think could help the game. Add a “pass the phone mode”. So people can play with others on the same phone with a turn based gamestyle.

  • Thank you for playing Democratia and for that suggestion! We would need to change the gameplay for this to work but it’s an interesting idea. :) – Nuria from Blindflug Studios

The game is very badly optimised. It overheats my Oneplus 7T Pro even on basic settings, even going as far as throwing up the Android temperature warning. Playing singleplayer is also impossibly hard as the AI will simply gang up on you if you’re doing too well.

I’ve always wanted to see someone make a political game like this. The two things that I believe could be improved on would be an increase on the number of elections in a game and perhaps more cooperation with the other clans (participation in special building projects perhaps).

Great game , but two things. A. please make it online , not a LAN connection needed. B. Add a easy difficulty for new players. Other then that tho , great game. Edit : ok makes sense why online wouldn’t work , same for 2nd thing , again great game.

  • Thank you for playing Democratia and for these suggestions! We added a difficulty option in the latest update. Regarding the online connection: our idea was that people would play it together in the same room and discuss the political themes together. That’s why there’s no online multiplayer, I’m sorry. – Nuria from Blindflug Studios

It’s pretty well done gameplay wise. Didnt understand how to convert other tribes people to my tribe and ended up giving away all my people. The biggest issue for me is that the enemy can steal 3 of my people within a couple seconds while i have to wait like 10 for every man i steal and this has ruined my wins everytime so far. Last year my whole population gets stolen by everyone.

If y’all wanna have fun with friends, get yourself the settlers of catan. More fun, less thinly veiled lib-right status quo propaganda. The game was developed by a Swiss “think tank” and its views are clearly represented within it. The game itself is made well enough. It’s the blatant political agenda it’s pushing that’s bothering me. Laws that have no clear use to any side getting voted on and later having absolutely ludicrous effects on events.

Cool concept, feels like it needs to be fleshed out a little more as the game doesn’t give you any idea what your tribe will be happy or sad about in terms of the voting system and it’s mainly a guessing game when the voting comes around. If there is a way to know it wasnt obvious

  • Thank you for your feedback! To guess how your faction would vote is part of the challenge in the game. The factions and votes are partly based on Swiss political parties and real referendums, so it can be a bit more tricky for people who are not familiar with the Swiss political landscape. – Paula from Blindflug Studios​​

Pretty fun game with a nice idea behind it. Would be interesting if could play it online aswell, instead of local multiplayer.

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