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[Game] Demon God – RPG vertical

Demon GodDemon God: Vertical RPG is an epic one-handed MMORPG where you can dictate your fate. God or demon? That depends on you. Choose the profession you want to practice and team up to kill monsters! Embark now on this magical and monumental journey!

Start the hunt and dominate all the servers!

Defeat BOSSes to get rewards!

Exclusive weapons to dominate the server!

Find your love mate and journey together!

Thousands of outfits to match freely!

CS: likedreamstar.dgfr[at]

Demon God user reviews :

Its in Spanish and you don’t actually do anything you just watch

It’s in French the language and there no settings at the beginning to change language settings. Not a good start to the game.

Game is a boring idle, there is nothing to do but sit and watch your screen while everything plays for you. There’s nothing that makes this game special over all the others just like it.

This could be a good game but I don’t understand a word of it, they should give a option of a different language like ENGLISH I. CAN NOT READ IT (UNINSTALLED)

I failed to stop because it never really mattered to me that doing the very next right thing doesn’t always mean that I can keep moving forward with the rest of the group just like everybody else. WE is human, we make mistakes but we can learn from those mistakes just as fast as we catch ourselves making them.

Game is a great idea but it’s only in one language, I would do 5 star when they ad more languages for everyone to understand the story or options.

Looks like it could possibly be fun but the game title is in English but there’s no option to change to English in the game.

Good game. Couldn’t really get into it. Couldn’t understand the language to change it to English.

This game sucks no English language i thought it will be a nice game yes but language did you guys forget to put English language

Good Game Good Grafics but only Chinese version of Demon God…has 3 Avatars with 3 classes…but can’t switch Avatars..all auto & no manual play

  • Merci beaucoup pour vos conseils et remarques. Notre équipe de design vont les prendre en compte sérieusement et s’efforcer de vous offrir la meilleure expérience du jeu.

This game is good but I can’t understand this language their is no options to change English language

Can’t play due to no language change. Disappointing.

Only in French without an apparent way to change languages

Daily bonus stoped after 360 days please can you bring it back

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Our development staff will consider your suggestions carefully and work hard to provide you with the perfect gaming experience.

Can you add in settings English switch language and new server normally

No English so i dont understand a word and i cant change the language either so im removing the game

Cant change the language i cant read french as im am not French so its useless

Not in English. No option for English

Why is the game in French, I do not speak/read/write in French..?!

I love this game it’s like real

Nice game and enjoyable I like it


  • Hello, thank you for your support of the game and we will continue to improve your game experience. Hope you have a nice day


  • Hello there. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Facebook homepage. Wish you a good day.

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