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Rescue The LoverTHE STORY
The story is about a boy and his girl friend. The girl is kidnapped by a gangster for ransom. The boy is determined to save the girl, in the face of many dangers, challenges, and difficulties. Will he be able to save his girl friend? Let’s join him to make the best decisions!

It’s pretty simple! You pick the right answer – you complete your challenge – the characters proceed to the next level! Get it wrong – and it’s game over for you!

Tons of tricky puzzles with quirky solutions
Beautiful, unique 2D graphics
Addicting scenarios
Intuitive controls
Surprising result

Rescue The Lover user reviews :

Hi guys this game is fun and the game is very advanctions but the level 5 of this game you need to watch an add for unlock level 5

  • Hey Archana Maitra, thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

Hi guys, the game is fun, but whenever the ads are annoying, it’s very annoying, it spoils the fun of the whole game. Useless game remove time wasting ads I am uninstalling this game. Please remove ads don’t waste your players time.

  • Hi, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We want to give you better user experience. Could you give us the screenshots of Ads that disturb you most? You can email us at support.idlegame[at]

I thought this game might be easy in start but passed though few levels it came hard.I so much like brain test game and If you also like that type of game you must try this.It won’t never ever make you disappointed

  • Thank you. We are happy to know you like it. Please do check out our other games.

This is just a really really bad Henry Stickmin rip-off with none of the good parts of the real series – the fails are random and unfunny, there are no clever jokes and there’s this annoying “GAME OVER” screen and then a long animation before the choices appear, just there to waste your time. Also, I played with no internet because I am certain it plays an ad on every fail. Don’t even bother trying it out.

  • Hi, we are sorry to hear that. Please let us know what exactly you did not like about our app through our email address: contact[at] so we could improve it based on your feedback.

Just a rip-off of Henry stickman. Got tons of ads and is a complete cash Grabber. The choices that are correct are totally dumb. No matter how much logic you put it, it’s just absurd. This game developer probably asked a 7 y/o for the choices. Rather put some sense and logic and reduce the ads. It doesn’t matter whether you click on save him or on no thx, it gives you an ad anyways. I rather got frustrated. Would’ve gave 0 stars but unfortunately there’s no option to it. Just disappointments.

  • Hello, We are sorry that you do not like the game but we thank you for your feedback. Our future updates will improve the game for you. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us via our email address: contact[at]

The game is nice but there are tons is ads and that’s kinda annoying cause every time an ad pops up. And when you make a mistake it starts the level all over again that’s kinda annoying as well. But asides that the game is nice. Pls bring out the part 2 very soon

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

I do love the game lots of fun to play i wish there were more levels .. and the scenes they are fun but when i lose i start from the beginning i mean i have no problem starting the levels its just it takes so much time to see the scenes again i wish there was a speed button to not replay the scenes aganin.. btw its still a fun game 5 stars rating

  • Thank you for spending time with us. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. The new version will be coming soon. We hope that you will like it. Please feel free to reach out via our email address contact[at] with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. Thank you!

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