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[Game] Demon Sword – Idle RPG

Demon SwordOriental Idle RPG, Demon Sword!

The Grim Reaper Lord hears a story about the power of a great Demon Sword.
His underlings hunt for the Demon Sword, killing everyone who knows about it.
The main character fights against them, but ultimately gets killed.
But Black Dragon, the Demon Sword, brings him back to life in the process.
As the price of resurrection, it demands the blood of demons and humans…

Train your swordsman to become the best! Traits of Demon Sword
Idle RPG with the looks of the Orient
Train your own swordsman with various martial skills and equipment combinations
Obtain Treasures and enhance them to infinitely power up your character
Challenge Elemental Bosses by enhancing your elements and exploiting the enemies’ weaknesses
Obtain rewards by clearing stage mode and dungeons
A ranking system and chat for communication
Offline rewards system so you can power up even while not online

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Demon Sword user reviews :

Not you typical idle “God” maker, but load times are what got me. Can’t level up by holding the button, and there’s a second or two load icon every time. Graphic are kinda cool. They have that hand drawn look. Set ups a little confusing, but you’ll get it after a day or two. Had it for a week or so and I’m deleting. 3/5

  • Thank you for the review. Based on your suggestion, we’ll try our best to improve the game environment.

Seems like a cool game, but it’s laggy and loses connection on the subjugation missions most of the time. Every screen takes a second or more to load so it takes away from the gameplay. Hope y’all get it fixed, would like to try again.

  • I apologize for the issue that you experienced. If you need any further support, please contact us through the help center. We’ll assist you as far as we can.

Decent idle game (though with less idle than most). Uninstalling because there is a choke point from about level 80 where you develop very slowly, and likely need to invest money into the game. But it was fum while it lasted.

  • I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t had much fun. We will keep try our best to provide the best service we can.

Throws a tantrum when USB debugging is enabled and refuses to start. Whether it is or not, that’s none of your goddamn business.

  • I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. If you need any help, please contact us through the help center. We’ll assist you as far as we can.

Omg is this based off the Nintendo game, I loved that game as a kid! It’s a little repetitive but I’ll keep it around and see how it develops.

  • Thank you for liking us! We will keep try our best to provide the best service we can. Have a great day!

This game is not like most AFK arena games that I have played due to the fact that the in-game currency needed to level up and do most basic actions is fairly common to a pain and I really do appreciate that this game has completely changed my point of views on AFK Arena style games and I would generally recommend it to anybody I would know as well as write a review I don’t normally write reviews on mobile games but this one it took me by such a surprise I felt the need to thank you guys

  • Thank you for the review. We hope you had fun in our game!

getting some visual glitch but can be fix after a couple of restart. graphics and aesthetic design is great

  • Glad that you liked the graphics and design! Contact us for help if you experience any further issues.

The game is great, but can you add a desired “Combat Strength” on Rank-Up method so we know what Combat Strength we need to defeat this boss.

  • Thank you for your opinion. We’ll take your suggestion seriously and will consider with the related teams.

the game starts a bit easy but as you progress it gets a little harder (like most idle rpg), i just hope they add more content and make grinding resources a bit easier, so we dont have to play the game for 20 mins and then wait for the server to reset to get another set of tickets to grind materials, it’s a great game if u like idle rpg, super nice art style and really good concept. ILY DEVS

  • Thank you for the detailed review. We really appreciate it. We’ll keep strive and try to improve game environment so that more warriors can enjoy our game.

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