Magic Streets – Brings a medieval open world to life

[Game] Magic Streets

Magic StreetsGet ready to fight epic battles and become a legend in your city!

The geo location-based RPG game that lets you fight creatures, explore the wizarding world around you, solve quests, build your own medieval town, and battle powerful bosses with your friends using your GPS location.


Using GPS technology, Magic Streets brings a medieval open world to life by transforming your city into a magical fantasy realm filled with danger and excitement. As you geo move and explore the streets, you’ll encounter powerful monsters, hidden treasure chests, and quests that will challenge your skills and test your courage.


Join a guild and strategize with other heroes to raid bosses, earning valuable loot and experience points along the way. Or join multiplayer battles and raids where you can team up with your friends and guildmates to defeat creatures and bosses around the world. Open portals to let guildmates travel around the world.


In addition to the classic RPG gameplay, Magic Streets also allows you to build your own city on the realm map. You can construct buildings to forge weapons and craft armor, enhancing your items and refining materials to become more powerful. You can even dye your armor to make them look more epic! With your own city, you can create a home base and defend it against enemy raid attacks.


With geo treasure maps, you’ll discover hidden caches containing rare and powerful fantasy items that will aid you on your journey. That’s what location based gaming is all about!


Start today and become the ultimate hero of your city by going out, exploring your surroundings, building your city, fighting battles, and unleashing your RPG skills in this multiplayer location based game!


Over 250.000 combined downloads.
Over 7.500 highly ratings from real players.
A discord community with over 2.000 players.
Regular updates based on community feedback.

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Magic Streets user reviews :

Full of potential! I especially wanted a game that incentivizes walking, and there is some of that. When weather permits, I’d like to use GPS more often. Some suggestions include making item retrieval quest rewards proportional to the cost of the items, and giving some more instruction on how to play (crafting, upgrading buildings, etc.). There should be some more incentive to walk aside from accessing entities on the field, like milestone rewards per day.

This is a really cool game. It’s fun, not too difficult but not too easy. Fun to play, and kinda relaxing. The concept,graphics and gameplay are impressive, especially when you realize this was done by one person. You can play it without spending, but if you want to buy a little boost, the prices are not that expensive. And the dev responds to issues really,really fast. So. Download it. Play it. Now.

Been playing for a week and it’s got me absolutely hooked. Easy to play, quick animations, no annoying pop ups, watching ads isn’t mandatory but gives you a little XP and coin bonus. No ‘dead zones’ on the map like in some GPS games… This is all I wanted from a GPS/AR game!

Impressive given it’s a solo developer – as expected graphics aren’t hires 3D but gameplay and loot hunting is enjoyable. Some great ideas tying RPG elements to the GPS genre like spending skill points to increase interaction range, and the limited time free roam option is a nice touch. All in all definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something to get you off the couch and are bored of catching your hundred thousandth Pokemon.

It’s a great game but it dose lack decent graphics it be way nicer if it had way better character monster style very basic and bland and need more ways to get certain items like crystals and colouring for your armour etc, all and all a decent game but needs work.

Best GPS game on playstore. Engaging, f2p friendly, decent graphics and it even has a shiny companion mechanic. You can play and be a passenger in a vehicle without it stopping you playing. Then i find out it’s just a lone developer. Even more impressive. Very good, very well done and i’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings to the Streets.

  • Hi Crypt Bunny, thank you very much! Great to hear your calling it the best GPS game on the store. That means a lot for me as just a solo developer. :-) I will do my best to improve the game as much as I can in the several planned updates, to make it even better.

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