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Demonic SuitorsYou have just received an invitation to a prestigious school and are on your way when your chauffeur takes a sudden turn into a dark tunnel!

You’re certain this must be a mistake but after the bumpy ride, you’re greeted by a devilishly handsome young man who calls you “princess.” Just one thing, though—he’s got horns on his head! If there’s one thing the school failed to inform you, it’s that the school is for demons.

Why are you being called “Princess,” and why do all these dashing demons suddenly want your hand in marriage?! Perhaps it’s the fact that you’re actually the half-demon daughter of Satan, and he’s brought you here to further your education so you can rule Hell one day… And get you a man!

All of your suitors are the best of the best in Anathema Academy, but how could you possibly choose when they’re all determined to win your hand in marriage?!

Surrender to your desires in Demonic Suitors!


Meet Adalricus — The Proud Prince of Nightmares
VA: Takehito Koiso

Adalricus is a demon who knows what he wants—and that’s you! And yet, he’s not fond of his human side… Why is that? He’s a natural-born leader with a go-getter attitude that commands everyone’s attention, surely there’s a reason why he tries hard to conceal his heritage… Will you figure out that answer by helping him embrace both sides of himself, or will you choose to go your separate ways instead?

Meet Draco — The Calculating Snake Demon
VA: Toru Inamura

Prudent and polite, Draco slithers into your heart like the cunning snake he is. He’s by far the smartest in school, and the most down-to-earth out of your suitors. He may not be all bells and whistles like his peers, but if you’re looking for someone loyal and endearing, Draco is the one for you! Expressing his emotions may not be his strong suit, but that won’t stop him from making sure that you’re his.

Meet Dante — The Flirty Incubus
VA: Hiroyasu Koshikawa

A demon with his own fan club, but he’s your biggest fan! At first Dante sees you as a prize to be won, but upon spending more time with you he discovers the real prize is being around someone who sees him for who he truly is—not the flirty persona he puts on. Despite being the master of sweet talking and knowing all the pleasures of the body, he’s never had a truly meaningful relationship. Will you be his one and only and show him what love really is?

Meet Tavarius — The Roguish Sadist

The half-brother of Adalricus, Tavarius has harbored hatred for Satan ever since his mother was abandoned by him. What other way is there to enact revenge than to marry the daughter of your enemy to exact dominance, then? This cold demon’s initial advances seem to follow his goal, but as time passes, you notice something more genuine lurking beneath. He’s spiteful and thrives on the pains of others, but perhaps that’s what attracts you to him. Will he be the one ruling by your side?

Demonic Suitors user reviews :

This game is AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love the characters and their personalities, it’s all so interesting!!!!!! It gets me EXTREMELY exited each chapter for the next free ticket so I can move on. But there is something I don’t like about the game. How I have to spend money just to get more gems. And how when you restart the whole story you can’t just get the amount of gems you had before when you actually downloaded it and started playing. And most options do cost gems.

I really love this. The writers have covered tops, bottoms, switches, and kinks. They’re all gorgeous too. But beyond that, all of the characters have complex back stories and personalities that you can’t help but love all of them. Tho I wish ‘slap them’ was an option sometimes. The backbone of the story is simple enough to follow, but still too exciting to wait for the next free ticket. Definitely worth the money I’ve spent in game. (But only some minor translation probs, still readable)

Guys, it only takes 120 points to get 10 rubies so the trick is to keep playing the minigame and tripling your score until you get 120 points which doesn’t take much time. You can just keep scoring 120 points and exchanging it for 10 rubies each time to get the premium choices. If you’re patient enough to keep playing the minigame repeatedly (just keep tapping randomly continuously cause it’s rigged anyways) you can make it work

I honestly find this one to be one of the best games from the company in general. The only thing I find odd is the fact you never see your father once I mean it’s mentioned you visit him in the endings but you as a player never see him like that’s the only downside I can really see but other then that it’s a very good game. Also since some don’t know if you just watch the ads and do the minigame once every 24hrs with the x3 option you can eventually unlock all the premium stuff for free.

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