Glory and Cultures – Generals of different civilizations are here

[Game] Glory and Cultures

Glory and CulturesThis is a relaxed and fun bloc war strategy mobile game. Just be away from keyboard after finishing novice guide.

Generals of different civilizations are here for free!

Will you come and lead your troops to claim the throne?
Enjoy yourself in real-time battle and use your brain~
To fight with players over the world?
Or form an alliance to win together?
You have the final say!
Bloc war, Cross-server battle, general awakening, let’s explore more gameplay in this strategy game!

Free Epic Heroes
No “Pay to Win”! You can get epic generals for free. More gameplay is waiting for you!

Ascend to Throne
Glory and Civilization is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game, where you can command your force to defeat enemy empires and guard honor!

Real-Time Strategy
This is a real-time strategy mobile, where you need use your wisdom to decide in every critical moment to win the battle!

Active Bloc Alliance
Join the alliance to develop your force. Or form an alliance at the right time to conquer with your friends!


Easy and Free! This is a free game, cities are yours even if being away from keyboard!
Build and Prosper! Collect resources to strengthen people’s lives.
Massive Benefits! Events every week to offer valuable gifts!
Real-time PVP battle! Defeat enemies in a open map!
General Awakening! Unlock technology to awaken powerful general!
Marine Exploration! To collect spectacle fragments and unlock special skills to expand!


A really fun game here, share with your family members and friends! Among us,you will get more allies! Threre are only one king in a bloc, will you be the finnal winner?

If you want snatch a leisure, there are also built-in casual games waiting for you!

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via FB or Discord.

Glory and Cultures user reviews :

Similar to Cotk. Good for a faction war game where building alliances is not an option. Goes off screen on my s5e tablet. Hope this is fixed soon.

The game is ok. The biggest problem with it though is the translation. Half the time I am unsure of what I am doing or what I should do next. If I knew early on, I would not have spent any money on it. Word of warning to players, it is not worth to spend on at the moment. It is one of those types of games where you need to invest time into. That of which some of us can not afford.

  • Thanks for your support and review! We will optimize the language and enhance the gameplay guidance in the game. You are welcome to contact us via Fb or Discord to give more suggestions!

Nice game. Easy to play and learn

This game is confusing

  • Thanks for your support my lord. If you have any questions about the gameplay, welcome to follow our Fb and join in Discord to get walkthrough from other players and official posts. Have a good time!

Not yet done

  • Thanks for your comment, my lord. We will upgrade and work hard to give you a better game experience. Welcome to follow our FB to receive gifts and more game events!

Terrible animation

  • Thanks for your comment, my lord. We will upgrade and work hard to give you a better game experience. Welcome to follow our FB to receive gifts and more game events!

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