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[Game] Derby Life – Horse racing

Derby Life Derby Life : Your Horse Story

Tired of the city life, you decide to visit your hometown where grandpa lives.
After reuniting with grandpa, who was running the horse ranch alone, and your old friend, you give up on the life in the city and begin to manage the horse farm.

Raise horses with your long-awaited friend to race and fulfill your dreams.

Realistic graphics
Realistic 3D graphics of horses.

Horse raising and farm management
Horse raising through training, condition management and breeding.
Upgrade stables, training facilities and more buildings.

Colorful horse types
Running styles: Front Runner, Stalker, Pressure and Closer
Preferred Track: Grass, Sand and Synth

Train your horses
Increase your horses’ Speed, Sprint, Stamina, Gallop and Agility through training and gear upgrades..

Participate in races around the world
Raise your horses to win in races.

Breed your horses to birth the ultimate race horse
All horses have different looks, perks, stats and growth rates.

Upgrade horse gear to boost additional effects!
Obtain various gear from boxes.

Upgrade the ranch facilities
The ranch environment will change with the upgrades of the facilities.

1. Deleting or switching mobile device will reset the app data
2. The product contains in app purchase feature. If you agree to make a purchase, you will be billed.


Language : Korean, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwan, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese

Derby Life user reviews :

This game was just what I was looking for! Not a game that takes loads of time to work on but enough in it to keep me interested and excited. The graphics are great and the movement of the horses while racing was wonderful! I loved the camera movement during races which made it feel like a movie and I liked how breeding you own foals is promoted and the save/load system was excellent!

I already wrote a review for this game, but it seems to have disappeared. There are a few bugs I’d like to adress, such as the boost ring not showing up sometimes, not moving any faster when using boosts, and the ‘odds’ not being accurate. Even if my odds of winning are the second highest, I’ll still end up lower than third place. Theres also a problem where my horses are only having filly’s. Edit: One of my horses dissapeared! It was a three star stallion with all three potentials unlocked

Love the game. Only 3 stars because you are so limited on your races. I’m trying to unlock my horses potential but I get penalized for repeating races. I can’t choose what surface to race on in the Multileague. This holds us back and slows down the game progress. If I don’t have options I get bored. Then soon after I uninstall.

The game is pretty good, smooth controls and upgrades are not too complicated, and graphics are surprisingly ok, this game is not a flop. However is quite of a grind if you wish to breed higher grade horses unless you use real money, but honestly, the game needs more improvement in order to attract ppl to pay. 3.5 stars at the moment so make it a 4.

I enjoy the game very much ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Reminds me of the old gallop racer 2003 series for PlayStation Two. The breeding system is simple yet effective and ability to earn currencies from breeding your own bloodlines is always on the odds in every horse Racing game. One tip | If would be nice if we could ride the horse ourselves…sometimes the horses do block each other and are unable to race well.and win.

I LOVE the updated options for the foal outcome when breeding! Only I’ve run into a problem, more than once I’ve had a filly be born & then when green it’s a mare until I exit & when I log back in again my mare I wanted is gone & it’s now a stallion. Is there a way to fix it doing that as I spent a lot of coin, gems & time into the training for a good mare to breed only for it to turn into a stallion which I already have 2 of now. I Love the game overall tho, it’s great fun to play!

Great game! Minor fixes, skip button for the end race scene. More coat colors would be nice, and lower prices for breeding by a couple thousand… other than that great so far! Upped to 4 star as this is the only review…

Love the game. Only reason why I rate it a 3 is because it bugs out when i try to enter the first race in Peru. Both when I skip the intro and letting the intro play out. Please fix this asap! The game ran smoothly up until that point.

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