Perfect Grind – A wide variety of cool characters

[Game] Perfect Grind

Flip, grind and more with brand new touch controls that make it easy and fun to learn new tricks!

A wide variety of cool, wacky characters and apparel to choose from!

Build your own one-of-a-kind creations from over 50 different prefabs, and then share them with your friends – or the world!

Perfect Grind user reviews :

ITS A AMAZING GAME!! I love it all- the art style, the controls, everything! There is just one small suggestion though, I would like if you added a multiplayer mode where you can skate with friends- also, please make it so that you dont have to pay to enjoy the game, I really want to play in the other maps but I’m dirt poor rn. Atleast just not so clothing is gonna have to be money and the other maps cost in-game currency not real money. Thank you! Also where are the last 8 challenges-

DUDE! I LOVE THIS GAME! From the controls, to the art style and design, perfect grind is an awesome project and I really hope the devs keep on developing the game and adding more! Would really love to see an online multiplayer feature in the future! The only thing that makes the gameplay come to a halt is there is no way to gain more speed on the board, your guy just cruises, other than that this game is a lot of fun! I recommend

one of the most actually fun mobile games I’ve seen in a while but there are bugs that cause you to stop controlling the skater and he/she just keeps going forward with a slight turning, even after the update that said it was fixed. i also beat it in a day, went to move on to another map but it costs money

I absolutely love this game I would give it 5 stars but there’s some reasons why, I was playing and I glichted through the wall and had to restart the game. And once you finish skatepark you have to pay 3 us dollars to continue playing the game, wth! So I would give this a 3.5 but I can’t so I’ll give it a four. Pls make it so you don’t have to pay.

It’s fun and easy to get use to the controls. The free stuff only takes about 30mins to finish so a bit disappointing to only get 1 level and you can’t even complete all the challenges without paying.

Fun as hell!!! My only complaint is the lack of being able to speed up. Your stuck going the same speed, even down a ramp. I made a ramp in the editor that’s very high but the speed going down is the exact same as if I were skating on flat ground.

Love this game, the gameplay is rewarding, feels tricky but not too hard and after every mission you feel achievement. The fact that this game is made by just two people is mind boggling. Great game!

Amazing, I have it for 2 days now, and I played for 3 h every day. I give it 4 stars because I would like the full game to be purchaseable with cojns, not money. I really like the fact that it has like 0 ads, tou gt one every 10-15 minutes. AMAZING!

This game is awesome with its visuals and the gameplay is great but the only thing I would like the devs to add would a button or something to make you go faster.

Fun so far. Bug seems to happen in random intervals that leaves me unable to turn but able to jump and do tricks.

LOVE THIS GAME, but my game keeps randomly crashing and theres some other bugs like glitching through the wall, but besides that they need to just add more levels and stuff to it

The best mobile skateboarding game hands down! I’d rate 5 if you add graphics settings so I can tweak something.

its a really really good game but you have to buy to get all the fun stuff which is not very nice in my opinion ,the isnt many ads but I would like if they would make some things free but overall a good game

I like this game it’s nice to have skateboard games like this for ones maybe one day we should get online multiplayer or versus mode I think that would be pretty cool too

Its very good game with bugs i cant use Park editor section anymore and we need more optimization fpr characters appearance good luck and thank you

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