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[Game] Design Duo – Makeover Projects

Design DuoWelcome to Design Duo – Makeover Projects!

Meet Colin, a talented interior designer who takes a unique approach to home renovation. He combines his love for match-3 puzzles with his passion for interior design to create stunning rooms that are sure to amaze anyone.

Together with his trusty feline sidekick, Nacho, Colin takes on increasingly challenging renovation projects that require creativity, problem-solving skills, and an eye for aesthetics. Nacho is not just a regular cat but a valuable member of the team and is always ready to lend a paw when needed.

As Colin and Nacho work on each project, they rely on your help to choose the perfect color schemes, fabrics, and furniture to renovate and transform old areas into stunning new rooms. With each successful renovation, Colin and Nacho become one step closer to becoming the ultimate renovation team. They are not just transforming spaces, they are transforming lives.

Join Colin and Nacho on this exciting journey of creativity and design choices. Renovate living rooms, throw parties, decorate libraries, and more! Whether you’re a puzzle aficionado or an interior design enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in this match-3 puzzle game. You will not only have fun solving puzzles, but you will also learn a thing or two about interior design.

So what are you waiting for? Help Colin and Nacho create the homes of their clients’ dreams, one puzzle at a time! With your help, they can turn any space into a work of art that will leave their clients speechless.

Design Duo user reviews :

I really enjoy this game but I have hit a wall and think I’m gonna have to Uninstall. I updated the game but now it won’t allow me to play unless I update… which I already did! Very frustrating waiting for this bug to be fixed!

This is literally the same game as Zoey’s Journey except you play as Colin now. Same graphics, same puzzles, same decorating options & backgrounds. Is this why you haven’t updated Zoey’s Journey in months? That’s a real lazy sneaky move, game devs

I love this game it’s a matching game and you get to design rooms and pick color patterns I love this game. I love getting to pick stuff out

I was enjoying it untill it says finish all levels to unlock! So I quess the game isn’t finished uninstalling…!

Actually liked the game… but why would you release it with so few rooms to decorate? It’s too bad but guess I’ll have to uninstall it

Very cute game fun for all ages. Thank you

It’s pretty fun, but it’s telling me in order to play the next level I have to update. So I go and there’s nothing to update…

a nice game I love playing it is so cool you get a lot of Matt weapons makes it easier nice to play good game guys

Its a fun and relaxing game if they dont do annoying updates where u cant play game unless u do it….

It’s a fun game but I’m constantly having loading issues

  • Thank you for your feedback! Which part of the game are you having loading issues with? Please feel free to send us an email (click on the settings button at the top right of the game and use the Contact Us option) with more details on this!

i love this game it’s a lot of fun come join me in the fun i’m having it’s just crazy fun i’m having a blast

  • We’re so happy to hear this!

I did love this game however all of a sudden, I can’t even open the game

the only thing i don’t like is you can’t change back to different furniture.

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Fun ,only complaint is why cat ,why not a choice between cat or dog ? I cant stand cats. Why not a poodle or a maltese? Something cute

Game was good until it wouldn’t load anymore. Had to uninstall. Sorry.

I. Love.. how. all Game Makers ask.. for . Feedback on How to improve Their Games and.. when they get it They completely. Ignore it they keep on treating People like Morons by putting a Finger in it telling Us first You go there and now You which make the harder to use. This Game ID.. Useless. It keeps on cutting out People do not waste Your Time downloading This Game .as I .am deleteing it .and I m only on Level 7

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