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TalkspaceTalkspace Self-Guided helps you build a healthier, happier you.

Talkspace, the #1 therapy brand, brings you a self-directed therapy app to help you gain confidence, connect with the important people in your life, and achieve your personal goals. Our methodology has helped 2 million people, and it’s all based on decades of research.

You’ll gain tools to heal from past emotional wounds and better manage stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. You’ll also build new skills to regulate your emotions, set boundaries, and express your needs. You’ll make progress in your relationships, in your marriage, and in your parenting journey.

You get free access to our Foundations series—four sessions covering the basics of how to build a healthier self. You can also access all of our habit prompts.

A paid subscription unlocks the entire app and allows you to take hundreds of sessions and access live, therapist-led workshops every week on topics like:

Body Image
Child Development
And more!

Try our subscription free for 7 days. You can cancel any time. Subscriptions renew within 24 hours before the subscription period ends. Manage your subscription in your App Store settings.

Please note: Talkspace and the materials and information contained herein are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical, psychological, or mental health advice, or diagnosis, and may not be used for such purposes. You should always consult with a qualified physician or mental health professional about your specific circumstances. Talkspace and its affiliates disclaim any and all liability from the use of any information or advice from anything contained in our app, website, or services.

If you have any questions about our Terms, please feel free to visit If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to visit

Talkspace user reviews :

I love the concept of this and only took one star away (happy to fix it!) because I feel that this company could use a copywriter or marketing consultant. The instructions aren’t quite clear and could simply use a professional overhaul. Other than that, this is a fabulous idea and well executed (if not for the hazy/unclear instruction.) I much preferred the multiple choice questions in the quizzes too! Thank you for all this hard work.

I liked their Marriage Counseling app so I decided to do the trial of this one. It has the same feel and is easy enough to use. Prompts give same reply regardless of selecting positive or negative responses which bothers me. I’m not sure if the subscription fee is worth it for 8 series and 6 single sessions. Perhaps if both their apps were able to connect under one account and share a sub fee, it may be more justifiable. Not cool that I had to use different email for set-up.

  • Hi Diana, thanks for the feedback. Exciting news: the app just relaunched with a major revamp! We offer 20+ new series and weekly live, therapist-led workshops. Additionally, we fixed that bug you noted. Send me a quick note and let me know what you think! I’m Taylor, and my email is help[at]

Just be aware, $30/month orice tag. To outrageous for me. Must be a dang good app to justify that cost though! Enjoy if you can afford it! (Maybe come sell me the program 2nd hand for half off? Ha! Kidding) (mostly )

I just downloaded this app last night, and its already helping me understand things I didn’t know about. I’ll recommend this app to anyone I see that can’t afford to go to an actual Psychiatrist or Therapist, because people deserve to have at least somewhat of some decent mental health. A good state of mental health begins with a lot of self-help, and a psych/therapist would tell you the same thing. They are only there to give you friendly advice for what you could do yourself

As soon as I started using the app, I loved it! It gave me insight and reflection on myself through a perspective in which I could navigate my thoughts properly. This really helped me ease my tensions on myself and cope with my anxiety and depression

I love this app and I am a person that suffers from depression anxiety manic probably bipolar I’m also going through a divorce and a custody battle and I have recently moved away from my children and my ex and this app is like the only thing that helps me yet I can’t afford it so they need to do something to make it more practical for people such as myself I know that $65 a month doesn’t seem like a lot to some people, however to a lot of people it is too much.

the best thing I have done for myself yet. I thought I would never be able to get help/advice from a therapist/psychiatrist due to the high expense but this changes the game that I you for considering those who need alternative ways to seek for help and guidance.

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