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[App] Device Info LiuZho – View phone info

Device Info LiuZho  Device Info: View hardware, software and system information. Test Android Device Hardware.

Key Features

Device id, Phone id, Advertising ID, Phone info
View phone info and device id, find your iccid, mcc, mnc, carrier id, etc.

Storage Analysis
Quickly find redundant files, duplicate files, and large files to free up more storage space.

Apps Analysis
Target sdk, min sdk, app installer, native library, sensitive permissions, perform a comprehensive physical examination of the applications in your phone.

Device Test Benchmark
Screen test, button test, sensor test and hardware test to see if everything is normal on your phone.

Device Benchmark
Test Device hardware, view sensors realtime data and test it.

App Detail
Activities, services, broadcast receivers, permissions, view AndroidManifest.xml, you can see all the details of the application.

Management Apps
Export app icons, export app APKs, share apps, uninstall apps, it’s very convenient for you to perform any operations on apps

Floating Monitor
Using the floating monitor, you can see various data of the mobile phone in real time, such as real-time monitoring of FPS, battery current, battery voltage, mobile phone signal, CPU&GPU status, etc.

Device Info provides following information of your Android device which grouped as below.

Device information, Phone information
System Information
Hardware Information
Device benchmark
Device Test & Hardware Test
SIM Information
Real time Sensor Information
CPU & Processor Details
Battery Health
Hardware temperature
Network(WiFi & Mobile network)
Camera info
Internal Storage & System Storage & External Storage
App details
GPS & Realtime Satellite

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Device Info LiuZho user reviews :

Fantastic design and intuitive UI that allows me to check on any part of my phone’s hardware or software that I could ever need. I also have the widget on my home screen that quickly tells me ram, battery percentage, and most importantly the battery temperature. I had no problem paying to remove the ads and after more than a year it has been a great investment. The only issue I have is that I have to semi regularly open the app to ensure the widget updates correctly.

I am still trying ou the app and it seems good. But one of the features I am mostly interested in seems to need some tweaking. – When the storage analysis is completed, if you change the orientation of the device, it restarts the analisys. – In the list of duplicate files, if you expand an entry, select one of the duplicate items and collapse the entry again, when you touch “Clean”, you get a message of no files being cleaned. Could you please fix those?

It’s a great tool! It’s like a dashboard for your phone – you can get all kinds of info on your device. Even raw, real-time sensor data – i didn’t even suspect my phone had a magnetic field sensor…. Awesome, despite the short ad on every start. And i’m using the free version. I can only imagine what the premium version is like… Proper good app for me, through-and-through!

Amazing app that shows important information about your device hardware, network & apps. The app analyzer is an amazing tool to find a lot of important information. Also the widgets that are in the app are beautiful. I usually don’t write reviews but this app is AWESOME, especially if you have root access! Oh & the ads aren’t intrusive at all, but they can be removed by purchasing premium.

Amazing design clean interface provides all key indicators and variety of phone data points that you have never seen before…. Personally I think this is one of the best phone status apps on the market especially for free….. the only concern with me is that the company that built this wonderful app is in China. (hong kong) package disable this app when mot in use Maybe if Android 10 would let us monitor network connections we could tell if something like this or any app is stealing our data

I really like the concept. There are multiple useful features. My only issue is the app says my phone uses the GSM (AT&T )system, however, it doesn’t, it uses CDMA (VERIZON) system. My previous carrier was CDMA only and I’m using the same sim. It stands to reason that since this app is was incorrect there then how reliable is the remaining information it provides? Just a thought

I recommend it to anyone. But please give extra info on what the specs does. Like when you tap on “ram” it should display a pup up text saying (RAM- it boosts your phone’s performance and speed) and to the camera’s pixels, screen display and others.

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