Art of Logic – All of our puzzles are completely logical

[Game] Art of Logic

Art of Logic  Enjoy these traditional logic puzzles also known as nonograms, griddlers, picross, Japanese crosswords or Hanjie.

Solve multi-puzzles using the zooming function and a hint system. All of our puzzles are completely logical – no guessing required!


Computer Tested Puzzles: All puzzles have a unique solution and are completely logical. No guessing needed!
Over 600 puzzles and 90 pictures to discover! Great selection of 25 x 25 black and white puzzles.
Free Introductory Puzzles! Puzzle packs available to buy when you need them.
Thematic puzzle packs: Adds excitement and anticipation to solutions
Detailed Artwork: Each puzzle is part of the picture. Solve multiple puzzles to reveal the final image.
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Tutorial: For beginners to learn how to solve puzzles and use controls
Zooming Ability: allows for easier counting and touch-precision
Counting guides: Great to use when zooming
Hint system: In case you get stuck. Get a new hint for free when the timer resets, or buy them if you just can’t wait.
Choose your button placement: Because only you know where you want them.
Optional “checkmark” and “x” buttons to mark your last move or highlight points of interest
Unlimited Undo and Redo
Auto-rotate support
Auto-save and Auto-restore
Auto-highlights completed rows and columns
Auto-highlights errors that violate the logic clues
Concurrent Solving: Move between puzzles and work on more than one at a time.

Master the logic. Emerge victorious. Experience beauty. Repeat.

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Art of Logic user reviews :

i spent the last few days slowly making progress; i really love this. I feel the price for the extra puzzles to be a steal. Several other apps of this variety either have too little enjoyment, too short, or don’t have the reward of seeing a pixilized photo. this has several hours of enjoyment. Thank you. the only thing that i found to be a bit daunting is such a small box to click, while accidenty clicking another, good thing there is undo.

Fun! Not frustrating. Usually when I play nonograms there is a finite number of mistakes before the puzzle resets or takes a life or whatever. I invariably use them up making typos…that is not from mistakes in my logic but from hitting the wrong button. This game allows me to fiddle with the picture and not worry about the mechanic of the game. I also like the small puzzles combining into a big picture. I havent gotten far enough to need a hint yet. But so far so good. Smooth!

Varied puzzle sizes from 10×15 to 30×30, which form a bigger picture. Often finetuned to have a tipping point like paper puzzles do. 307 sub-puzzles are free, and about double that is paid content. You can get a free hint each hour, or buy them, but really if you’re constantly buying hints, L2P. That said, the hints are excellent, as the first click points you to the row/column, and a second press tells you what to do exactly.

Decent, but it could use more pictures of varying sizes. It would be nice to have some smaller puzzles for when I just wanna kill 15 minutes cuz like many other people, I feel icky leaving things unfinished. Having some kind of reward system for completing puzzles would also add to the overall experience.

Really nice app with some challenging puzzles. The system with hints fits really nice into the game. Unfortunately, it sometimes suggests hints which require non-obvious actions. If you don’t understand them you are still stuck and you can’t get extra help.

So much more challenging than other similar games. I love how most of the time you can’t really guess the picture when you work on an individual frame. Zoom feature is a life saver too.

Really liked this until trying to solve the Rocket in the Outer Space pack. I don’t think it can be solved. It would be nice if the X and checkmark worked.

Lots of pixel puzzles. Hours of play available. One gets a hint once an hour if don’t want to buy more.

Great puzzle app. My only con is I wish there was a “pencil” option to mark “possible” squares rather than sometimes having to just guess.
  • Soggy City Games
  • Glad you enjoy our game Andrew! Some users who like to guess put an “X” where they are unsure. Some also use the “O” to mark squares that are the result of that “X” guess, or for any squares completed after the “X” guess. If you find later that “X” must be wrong, you can delete all the marked squares and try something else for “X”. Happy solving!

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