Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring – Follow the numbers and paint

[Game] Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring

Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring Relax and find peace as you complete joyful artworks by pushing diamonds onto a canvas in this cool color pop by number game.

Simply follow the numbers and paint as quickly or slowly as you like – thrill to the satisfying ‘click’ with the color pop as the diamond finds its place. Watch your masterpiece sparkle with each color you complete.

A soothing, zen experience that is sure to leave you happy and mindful.

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Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring user reviews :

TOO MANY ADS!!! I cannot enjoy this game with all these ads. I can be focused on what I’m doing, perfectly content, then suddenly: an ad!! And a few minutes after that ad? ANOTHER ONE! It’s impossible to enjoy this game without ads popping up in you face every 4 minutes. I just downloaded this today and I’m already pissed off about the amount of ads! Absolutely annoying!

Does everything for you, and doesn’t recognize phones with pens. Was looking forward to using my pen. I wanted to do some asmr relaxing diamond painting, like I’d want to be able to do each individual tap and be able to change the color myself. This just has you move your finger around the screen and not has an ad play every time you finish a color, and not only that but it’s split into sections so you have to do this multiple times per photo. Extremely boring don’t waste your time.

The sensitivity is very low and the game takes too much time. In case of optional photo the main picture I cannot see, I can see only the upper portion of the picture.There are many thanks and very good wishes to develop the game. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I enjoy Diamond Art, so I thought I would give this App a try. I like the selection of pictures to choose from, but there are way to many Ads’ for the time spent on working a section. There is an ad for every two colors. Not worth the time to play.

Too many ads!! They display after every color?!! Seriously? You can’t even enjoy what it is your making because your constantly enterupted during the creating part. I can understand playing ads after the entire piece is done or after the sections but while your making them??! Nope. Hate this game

I understand the need for ads, especially on a free app, but this is WaY over the top! – -Basically an ad after EvErY color/number. It’s ridiculous! Took me forever to do a pic with more than 2 colors. Ha! Seriously! I did, finally, get it completed. Now I’m unistalling. It’s just not worth the frequrncy of all those ads.

Good app but constantly bombarded with ads. Every ten seconds there seems to be an advertisement which means you need to subscribe to the app basically to get any benefit or enjoyment from it. Otherwise totally pointless. Extremely disappointed

It’s a wonderful game helps me relax but they are a ton of ads if they could fix the add problem then I would give it a five star . But it has four until there is not a ton of ads. But I really like it

Right in the middle of the coloring of a picture and an ad will interrupt, not once in a while but every 3 minutes! How annoying! I realize that ads is what offsets the game costs but damn!! I have never been so freakin annoyed at any game in my life. Love the game hate the bullsh@t ad practices. Will uninstall asap!

wonderful game. 3d paper design, 3d pen, diamond, with shining , real paper sound … wow great work But , 1. my suggestion: please add numbar errors. 2. Please add time. Good work keep it up

I love this game but there is a lot of ads super annoying but tip put your wifi off then you can play without 1 ad then it is very fun and it’s a offline game so you can play when you’re in a offline place!!!!!!

Soooo many ads! I expected an ad after each picture, maybe even one before and one after. This one has each picture broken up into sections and has multiple ads per section. Like, I would do a color or two and then have to watch another ad. Maybe this is supposed to get people to pay for the VIP stuff, but all it did for me was ensure that I will be uninstalling the game.

The game is very nice but the reason I gave it four stars is because it has to much ads and can’t have a good relaxing asmr and I hope you can fix this problem and that’s all bye

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