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[Game] Project Winter Mobile

Project Winter MobileProject Winter is the popular social deception game on PC, now it is coming to mobile!

It’s a game about collaboration and betrayal, survival or death.
You will try to survive a deadly blizzard with 7 of your teammates,
Search for supplies, call for help, and escape from this white hell.

Of course, it’s not just bad weather that you need to be careful of,
And the traitors lurking in the ranks,
They will do anything to stop others’ survival,
Maybe… there’s a dagger hidden beneath the smile.

Project Winter Mobile user reviews :

I would’ve loved to actually play the game. I was able to do the tutorial- but as soon I began trying to do beginner matches, it crashes me out everytime everyone loads in. And then anytime I try to open the game, it refuses entirely and believes I’m still trying to join the match. It is completely unplayable for me. I have to delete the game every single time it refuses to even open. Super disappointing to see this, because I would genuinely like to play. Edit: Changing language did not help.

  • Hello surivivor, you may change your phone language to English and reinstall the app to experience the game. You can also find our help here:

Oh it has SO much potential, but the matchmaking is tailored towards a desktop experience, auto-join is a farce, the full rooms are still shown on the list, it’s just so impossible to enter a game… And when you do (after adding friends with usernames) the helipad is sometimes just not spawned in… 5 star game in the making, just needs tweaking. Looking forward to the next bug-fixing patch

I used to play this game on console and was very excited to play it again when i found out it was going mobile. The only downside i have been experiencing is that most hosts will be AFK, this although a player problem, means i’ve only been able to get into one game. They should add the addition of the game autostarting once a lobby has filled up (much similiar to what they did on console / pc). Overall, this game is great, graphics are neat, and the gameplay is very smooth on my device.

The overall game is pretty much fun. However there is some points that I need to highlight here. 1) It’s troublesome for me when creating a room and no one joining the lobby. As I reckon, the rooms list in the lobby is not sorted based on the free slots. I suggest you change the arrangement of the lobby list based on the availability slot. 2) In the game, when you’re knocked out from an explosion, sometime you can’t move the character.

After few days bugging now the game is going great, active players starts to gather, and tbh the game is great fresh gameplay, look like mimicry and among us, but different, i have suggestions try to fix the attack button or maybe make it separate to make the player more easy to fight and aim while using weapon, against enemy or wild animal. Can’t wait to see more from this game Good Job.

This game is fantastic any day of the week. except I have not been able to play it everything will load just fine until I literally load in to a game then it crashes and closes the app completely every time. And I have tried Uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game several times and it has no effect on it what so ever. PLEASE FIX THIS I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO PLAY!

The game is quite the same as it’s pc counterpart but there’s some minor glitches such as when you are trying to repair the 2nd generator all of a sudden you can’t press repair the generator, the in game VC is quite scuffed cuz you can’t hear other players due to the in game music and ambiance, but overall it is a good game but has a lot of glitches.

Gameplay is fun but is not very smooth to play because the movement not sync with other players. There is 1 mission you actually much likely impossible to finish it when wild animal spawn at the beacon, the bear is to powerful and hard to kill. And also the ingame music can be hear in other players mic. 4 star (cause i love this game)

Playing experience is ok, but it isn’t ok when you’re the only person doing tasks. Well Can’t really do anything about that…But there’s quite a lot of bugs such as the game will keep asking you if you want to quit room or ready game, it keep popping up even after you click ‘confirm’. Fix this please..

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