Dino Clash – Become the strongest in primitive times

[Game] Dino Clash – Tribal War

Dino Clash

Chaaarge! Meet the most dangerous animals and the primitive warriors!

One of the large-scaled strategy war games is here!
Enjoy adventure time on your phone and build a legion of primitive warriors and dinosaurs!
Use your art of war and become the strongest in primitive times!

The rule is simple, but the scale of war is big.
It is so easy that anyone can play, but this is nothing like the other strategy games!
You want a war? Create your dino squad with primitive heroes and dinosaurs.
Merge your heroes and become stronger! It is a war game that attack formation and placement mean a lot!
Think more about your own art of war and become a warfare tactics expert.

Do you like animals? Then check out the most dangerous animals in the game!
Dinosaur fans, gather up! Meet a total of 17 dinosaurs from the Jurassic period and 34 special primitive warriors.
Don’t look down on these little friends. They may look cute, but their ability powers are incredible!
Collect and upgrade your dino squad! Ooga Booga!

Looking for a new merge strategy game?
Merge heroes in more powerful ones! Use your finger to drag and merge!
Collect various primitive heroes such as a giant warrior, a red magician, a restoration shaman, and many more.
Who’s going to be the last one standing in this battle royale?

Enjoy the thrilling skills of various dinosaurs!
The King of animals! Dinosaurs are here! Meet charming dinosaurs such as T-rex, pteranodon, and others.
Wipe out the enemy’s army with dinosaurs’ special skills! Experience an action-packed battle game!

A ton of content to play through!
Explore over 500 stages and continue your adventure time.
Unlock rewards and upgrade raging dinosaurs!
Construct your best formation to defeat the enemy’s army!
Battle players in 1:1 PvP Arena!

Play a Jurassic merge strategy game now!

PLEASE NOTE! A network connection is required to play.

It’s free to download and play, but some in-game items will require payment.

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Dino Clash user reviews :

Overall the gameplay of the game is good, I love it! Not really any issues with. Animations and fighting mechanics I really like. But the biggest issue I am having right now with it is that the game crashes a lot while watching ads. It doesn’t happen on every add but I’d say every 2-3 ads I watch it crashes. I also don’t get the rewards I want to get when watching the ad when this happens. Other then this pretty annoying issue, the game is great!

The game is for the most part fine and does exactly what it says on the tin. My problem comes from the fact that after a certain point, it becomes more lucrative to *not* play the game rather than play it via increased scaling for prices and low rewards. Coupled with a need to gacha not only to get units, but keep even the weakest of units relevant (note: no outside methods beyond spending in-game money), it’s clearly trying to get you to spend. Good 30 minute a day game, but not looking to last

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will work harder to provide you with better game service. More latest news can be found on Facebook: [Dino Clash : Tribal War ]If you have any other suggestions or issues to report, send us a ticket to mobilecs[at]help.pmang.com anytime.

This is an amazing game, but I think I eould like it more if I could see the cavemen. Yup. The dinos are just fine, but all the cavemen, even in the screen where they bring treasure to the chest, are flat pink. They are in the shape of there character but are pink with no texture, other then there shadows. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting my account, restarting my phone, everything. Please help! I have tried the support but I cannot take screnshots.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. We will pass on the issue to the dev. team and resolve it as soon as possible. We would appreciate it if you could send us the details and screenshots of the issue to mobilecs@help.pmang.com for reference. Thank you.

There is a bug – sometimes my deployed units are randomly swapped with another random unit. For example i had a “Man Cannon” on a particular square, but now it has magically switched to a Wheel Launcher. I have never used Wheel Launcher lol. This bug was present in the last game too, Island War. Dino Clash is literally a re-packaging of the last one and this bug persists

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. We will pass on the issue to the dev. team and resolve it as soon as possible. We would appreciate it if you could send us the details and screenshots of the issue to mobilecs[at]help.pmang.com for reference. Thank you.

Great game, but I facing with two errors. 1. After you close the game and launch it error “Unable to initialize the Unity Engine” appears. Clear all data doesn’t help. Only reinstall. 2. Few times on the main screen I got “Can’t reach server”. Wi-Fi connection is fine, don’t know reason of it.

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