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Monthly EntertainmentLet’s jump into the entertainment business!
Make your own K-pop Idol debut and run your agency!

Monthly Idol came back to Monthly Entertainment!

Do schedule to earn money and get fans!
Go around the world and hold a tour concerts.
Coordinate your K-pop idols and Produce albums.
You can Produce idols’ own entertain contents.

Make your trainees appear on an audition TV program and
debut as a global group!

You can also Communicate with the fans! Listen to their requests

Monthly Entertainment user reviews :

I have the same problems as everyone else, the mini games, the lagging, etc. It’s still a good game though of course, but I would like to be able to feed my idols, I miss that, and I rather have a countdown then by weeks for some instances so I think you should make that an option, but those are my only problems. I like all the different ways to get everything, I like the debut options and the the fan light stick thingys and more.

I’m really enjoying this game! I liked Monthly Idol a lot when I started playing it, but I was sad that I could not make idols with brown skin. I was very happy to find Monthly Entertainment because of this. However, none of the blush look correct on the darkest skin tones! They are all either too pale or too bright. Also, there are no protective nor super curly hairstyles! I think it would be nice for the game artist(s) to look into black hairstyles and type 3-4 curly hair!

My favorite game, hands down. My only problem is the lagging, I would give the game a higher rating if the lag wasn’t as bad as it is. Everytime I do a concert, the game lags so much that the music in game starts to buffer or even stop. And if I manage to finish the concert without the game crashing, the lag will continue until my game freezes and I’m forced to restart my phone. One small problem is that sometimes after a restart the language will switch to Korean.

Was super laggy the first time I opened it. finished the tutorial and left it to sit. When I tried it again, there was an update that fixed all my lag :) Super fun game, a huge improvement from the original. Still a bit buggy with some lag spikes in some departments, but it’s actually pretty manageable.

The game itself is great, I love all the added stuff compared to the original. But there seems to be a language issue. Even after I switched it over to English, Trainee information stays in the old language. It’s very minor and unimportant as the information is names and town names, but it’s a small annoyance

So far, so good! I loved Monthly Idol & the extras added to this game make it feel more in-depth. Excited to see what outfits and hair will be added. My main gripe is the mini-games. Running & tug of war no matter how hard you tap the character doesn’t move. The timer for tangsuyuk and toy hammer game is too short to even register what to press. Update: fixed bugs that were an issue, so I raised the rating! I love how fast the dev team is.

A nice sequel to the first game Monthly Idol, it’s similar but different with a lot of good upgrades to bad and missing ones. The idol housing, more outfits, house skins and city are missing, but it will surely come, as these were also later adds in the 1st and all the Idols are on the same timer btw. Rather it’s the offline play I don’t like in this game, here you constantly have to be connected to play, unlike the 1st. The collecting of SS Trainees is easier, more events, etc. it’s all great!

It’s a good game, it’s addicting and the graphics are cute! There’s some gramtical errors but not unreadable, I do encounter some lag but it’s not often. Overall a pretty enjoyable game to pass the time, it has some bugs and glitches but the devs keep updating it so I think with time this game could evolve to their best version.

It looks so entertaining! A huge improvement from the first one, but it won’t load the tutorial for me, and just bugs out randomly, the bugs are pretty bad! The game is also apparently saving stuff to my clipboard?? That’s weird!! Edit: a lot of the bugs have been sorted out, thankfully. But there are still some small stuff that makes the game feel fragile, but, so fun!! So I’m willing to wait for the developers to fix all the bugs

I think I like this version more than the previous one, it just needs some polishing. There are tons of bugs but the constant updates and bug fixes shows how dedicated the devs are to deliver a good game. I’ll be waiting for the new clothes and items that reference real life idols, that was what I loved the most from the first one! I will probably still continue playing this despite the bugs, it’s still pretty fun after all.

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