Dinosaur Truck – Become the expert in truck transportation

[Game] Dinosaur Truck

Dinosaur Truck Choose the parts you want to assemble your own unique truck, then transport goods for your dino friends.

You are going to be the king of trucks, and everyone is waiting for your deliveries!

Create a one-of-a-kind truck, select your transportation tasks, and enjoy the day.

What kind of goods will you transport?
There are soooo many choices!

Candies, cookies, and cakes…whoever ordered these foods has a serious sweet tooth and is super hungry! Put the pedal to the metal and deliver these quickly!

Toys, roller skates, and dress-up clothes…somebody is planning one cool party! Let’s get these to them as soon as possible! We don’t want to disappoint!

Veggies, fruits, and everything healthy…these wooden crates need to be transported from the farm to the market. Let’s help the farmers feed the city.

Oh, wow! It’s the latest luxury car! Since it doesn’t have a license yet, we can’t drive it alone. Let’s tow is to where it needs to be.

With lovely birds and colorful balloons, you will enjoy amazing scenery along the way.

Look! An abandoned musical instrument! Do you know who it belongs to? Watch out! The bridge is going to collapse. Hurry up and drive away! The truck gets dirty because of the roadblocks and sewage pools. Wash the truck in the next pool!

It won’t take long for you to become the expert in truck transportation and level up to the King of Trucks!


4 transportation tasks and related game scenes.
Various truck parts. You can drive your personally designed truck on the road!
More than 30 interactive animations. Taking a rest on the way is available too!
Recommended for preschoolers aged 2-5.
No third-party advertising.
Works offline.

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Dinosaur Truck user reviews :

Paid for the full version but doesn’t give many more options therefore not relay worth it. Very dissapointing for a paid for app. My son wants to be able to win different cars and wheels etc but the is no option

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. This app is designed for kids aged 2-5 to explore and learn basics in the real world. Driving trucks, assembling accessories, and transporting goods together with the little dinosaurs will all enable kids to cultivate many abilities. Try to search for Yateland to find other apps and email cs[at]yateland.com for more info.

Our kids love this game. Its easy to understand while still being entertaining. They wish they got the option to pick the trailer, but oh well.

My baby loves this game

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! We hope that the Yateland series products could create more fun for children!

my son loves this game, I’ve unlocked the full version on my phone app but it wont unlock on his tablet. when I go to buy it, it says I already own the item but the game wont unlock it , even after I hit restore .

My son is learning and having fun he likes it as you get rewards the stars

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! We hope that the Yateland series products could create more fun for children!

Guys you wont belive this i download the game but not premium and i unlock all the loads all the bodys,wheels and horns.

  • This game is wonderful I described undressed for stars I’m the subscribed to a video I was just Watching Because it was really fun to watch it was pick to gadget I didn’t know specter gadget was on my tablet It was spiol when I was After I feed most of my other tablet The other 2 tablets were damaged And after that they started spoiling. My mom fired them At least 70 tablets we’re fired Hundred people in the town tablets were fired At least they couldn’t get to go to them there houses were too.

My son (3yr old autistic boy) love this game and will select it every time

  • Children’s love is always our power to create things better! :) Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime at cs[at]yateland.com.

Great game! I would recommend this game for 3 to 6 year old kids.

  • Thank you so much for your love! Our game is designed for kids aged 2-5. They can drive trucks, assemble parts, and transport goods together with the little dinosaur while recognizing colors, fruits, cookies, and toys on their way. Therefore, their thinking, cognition, creativity, and imagination will be cultivated naturally. -cs[at]yateland.com

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