Mary le Chef – Cooking all those tasty recipes

[Game] Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion

Mary le ChefGameHouse presents a cooking game from the creators of the award-winning Delicious series!

In Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion you’ll enjoy 60 restaurant levels, and 30 extra challenge stages across 6 charming chapters. Prepare 70 different dishes, and upgrade your restaurants and menus.

While cooking all those tasty recipes, you get to watch a wonderful story unfold. Mary works at large law firm – and being a real Vanderworth, her parents expect Mary to have a successful career as a lawyer. Except, Mary feels she has a different calling – she loves cooking, and wants to become a chef! Will Mary have the courage to stand up for herself, and follow her heart?

Have fun playing Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion, the time management cooking game for food lovers!

ENJOY THE 1ST SEASON of GameHouse’s Mary le Chef, an amazing restaurant management game

DASH THROUGH 6 CHAPTERS, cook in beautiful restaurants, complete 60 story levels, and 30 extra challenging cooking stages

BECOME A CHEF, master your skills in this cooking game, and cook three star dishes for your customers

RUN YOUR DINERS and serve food in a variety of kitchens, restaurants and dining rooms


ENJOY HIDDEN OBJECT ELEMENTS and see if you can find all the mice

PLAY A COOKING GAME, and be part of a story filled with love, friendship, and culinary dishes

The first 10 levels are free, with an in-game purchase available to unlock the full game and all locations.

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Mary le Chef user reviews :

Nice graphic and all also i dont mind paying the game but the screen was to stretched out for me. Cannot un-stretch it. And the worst part of the game is it lack in terms of sounds. I love sounds cuz it shows that we have already click on the item. I wonder isit my phone or its your game that have issues with sense of touching cuz it does not click properly even if i pressed on the screen so HARD. FIX IT.

You only get to play 1-10 level in this game. And the rest of the level you have to pay 9.99. To continue on the level. And in the middle of the level I couldn’t past the level because it was not to many customers come in the restaurant. For me to get three stars.

I’m loving this game so far, on level 3 or Luigi’s Restaurant. The story is cute and relatable with struggling passions and obligations, but the love interests sort of came out of nowhere? Life sort of is funny that way when it comes to love so, maybe I just didn’t relate to it on the spot haha. I plan on sending a e-mail about an issue with I’ve had other Gamehouse games, though this one is a bit stubborn. Again, love this game: looking forward to playing more.

  • Thank you for your feedback I am so happy you like this game! Please write to ghos[at] with any game issues you may have. :) Kind regards, GameHouse

I tried playing this on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and for some reason, the game is outstretched on the screen, left-right. I have no options for finetuning it, be it in the game settings or on my phone – shouldn’t it be able to automatically fit on every screen, not stretch outside it? I am missing areas of the game.

I’ve got mixed signals with this game house game. I’ve been following you guys for a while now and what I liked was house relatively easy during the beginning and slowly got harder. I’m only in the first world, (1-1 etc.) and it’s the sublevels are very hard, legit anxiety. this is a good game but not for me.

Lovely story line and concept. l noticed in the GameHouse app, there is no new developmental plans for another of this game. I would really like a part 2 of this game. the storyline is beautiful and down to earth to relate with.

I reinstalled the game on a new phone along with the other purchased Gamehouse apps. The sounds randomly stops on this one even on full volume. I expected it to work better with a new phone os as it worked seamlessly on the old one. Other than that I love this app Emilys’ & Allison’s.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear the game doesn’t work properly. You could try the following: – clear your cache – turn off all apps – restart your device – check your available memory I hope one of these works for you! If not, please mail us at ghos[at] Kind regards, GameHouse

Yes i know one star is missing and thats bcuz after you play 10 levels, you have to buy the rest of the game. Not fair pls make it more playable than buyable but aside from that the game is ine of yhe best cooking/story/life game ever

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