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[Game] DIY Paper Doll Dress Up

DIY Paper DollWelcome to DIY Paper Doll, a world where classic charm blends seamlessly with exciting doll dress-up and makeover experiences!

Prepare to explore your creative side in this captivating fashion game, perfect for girls who adore thrilling doll adventures and endless fun!

In DIY Paper Doll, you’ll embark on an enchanting journey as a skilled doll designer, crafting your unique magic princess doll character. Delve into a treasure trove of thousands of fabulous items and accessories, including trendy dresses, designer brands, chic shoes, and delightful add-ons, opening up limitless fashion possibilities.

Exciting Features:
– Stay on Trend: Unlock exclusive fashion collections to ensure your chibi doll is runway-ready for exhilarating fashion showcases! Experiment with bold prints, glamorous evening gowns, and stylish athleisure wear, taking your doll’s fashion styling to new levels.

– Your Style, Your Imagination: Embrace the role of a creative fashion stylist, crafting breathtaking outfits and personalizing every detail, from elegant hairstyles to enchanting makeup looks and charming accessories. Transform your paper princess into a genuine fashion icon.

– Doll House Dreams: Unleash your interior design prowess as you curate a dream house replete with cozy bedrooms, stylish living areas, charming play spaces, and delightful makeover zones for your beloved doll.

– DIY Crafts and Quiet Book: Embark on captivating quests, where hands-on activities and engaging quiet book DIY crafts breathe life into your vlinder doll’s world.

– Fashion Battle: Flaunt your doll dress-up skills in thrilling fashion shows! Once the makeover is complete, let your yoyo doll compete against others, and watch as discerning judges assess and declare the ultimate winner.

Experience the magic of DIY Paper Doll today, where you can master the art of makeup for your chibi doll character and craft your very own magic princess paper doll. Unleash your boundless creativity and immerse yourself in the captivating world of fashion.

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DIY Paper Doll user reviews :

This game is great! My friend introduced this game to me, and I absolutely love it. The reason why it is 4 stars is because of how practically every single dress or item is coins or ads. I know not everything can be free, but all the good-looking items are coins or ads, which is so frustrating.

  • Hi, the locked items will help you get more excited to play and even more excited when you finally unlock them. If they are all too easy to get, the game will be so dull. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the game please contact us via the in-game “Feedback” section or email (paperdoll[at] Thank you!

I love this game but there is a problem that if I need that thing then we have to see ads .why is that so but I have rate 5 stars If you will fix this problem then again next time also I will rate 5 please fix this problem. ……

Well it’s very nice… I’m impressed a lot . You are doing a great job on this game. Just one mistake that why do I always get so less stars? Like only one. Can’t you just give two or three at a time? BTW I LOVEDDD YOUR GAME. Best ever

I really like this so cool you can also edit your Avatar as you want but there a little bit of clothes and when you need more clothes you need to watch adds but the problem why can’t she sit I just want to make a story about it but this is too nice you can make her stand or just pretending that she is sitting I know there is a profile on it but you have to earn stars to make your profile great and you can decorate your places by using the stars I really like this. Go play it now!!

This is so fun but not what I expected I thought this would be a paper doll game but I’m wrong! It’s a great game tho!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  • Hi, thanks for your rating for our game! We are happy that you like our game, it will motivate us to make game better in the future. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the game please contact us via the in-game “Feedback” section or email paperdoll[at] Have fun playing the game and continue to support our game.

The game is soooo good I can’t even imagine a day without it ! I like it soooooooooo much I really like the hairstyles, dresses and other more

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