Tribe Dash – The dash adventure in prehistoric period

[Game] Tribe Dash –  Time management

Tribe DashEnjoy the strategy game.

In the strategy game the caveman girl is trying to survive in these time management games. The dash adventure in prehistoric period!

Hunt for food and search for fabulous treasure in the time management games on lost island and be a real prehistoric tribesman! This simulator gives you a feeling of the prehistoric time and the stone age with all the danger that entails. Are you ready to help the caveman and travel through the lost island? This dash adventure is waiting for you!

Be a real chief from the stone age that lives on a lost island! The fabulous strategy for girls and boys who love dash adventure and don’t want to just sit around. Do you enjoy time management games? Then this stone age is right up your alley!

It’s got lots of fabulous puzzle-based levels. Watch your stone age civilization flourish in the dash adventure!

Get bonuses for completing levels quickly.
Get various boosters and other gifts for completing quests.
Unlock new lost islands and other fabulous locations.
Upgrade your cave.
Come up with your own winning strategy.
Become a wise leader and lead your prehistoric tribe to prosperity!
Feed a little dinosaur to get some help.
Get rid of small, large, and massive blockages to clear a path!
Protect your tribe against a tiger attack!

Your adventure in the fabulous stone age starts right now!

Tribe Dash user reviews :

Good game marred by levels that can’t be passed without buying coins. No watch ad options for acquiring coins. Also when you fail a level, the buy another 10 seconds button is cleverly located right where you usually click, so that’s fun ending up spending all your hard earned coins on 10 seconds you don’t want. I give up.

  • Hi there! Let us assure you that all levels are balanced in a way that they can be completed without using in-app purchases. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will take it into account for future updates.

Good game in the beginning but just money grabbing not worth it. Yes it is free to play and the ads are not annoying good job but the game is engineered in a way so that you can’t pass levels without using the help items and those you have to buy with the coins that you do not get many of unless you pay for them. So it is just frustrating and not relaxing.

  • Hi there! Thank you for rating our game! The game is free to play, so you don’t have to pay money for anything. It’s up to you to support the developer or not!

Im on level 78 for a long time now…iv been enjoying the game tremendously…this challenge mode levels are absolutely rubbish as i play 4 so long for 5 rounds 2 get a few measly points…wen does challenge mode end otherwise i mite as well look 4 a different game

  • Hi there! Feedback like this helps us constantly improve the player experience by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on. We appreciate you taking the time to send us such a helpful response.

Really like it. However, you can’t earn enough money to buy power ups to pass levels. And the levels do get harder. Stuck on same level for three days now and can’t pass.

  • Hi there! We are sorry to hear that you didn’t like our game. The developers are working hard to improve the game, taking into consideration all the feedback from the players!

Great game, really enjoyable but levels get more difficult and players can’t progress without spending money on nearly every level.

  • Hi there! We manually test the game to make sure that all levels are balanced in a way that they can be completed without using in-app purchases. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will take it into account for future updates.

Good fun and great clear graphics, it takes quite a while to earn enough coins to allow you to “buy” boosters which can be very frustrating

  • Hi there! Thank you for leaving the review, your feedback is very important to us! We are glad that you like our game.

Frustrating I like the game but money and prize earning is so slow that it’s just Frustrating. Game gets stock and makes me repeat a level I already beat this has happened several times. Game has potential but fails the fun factor.

  • Hi there! That is most certainly a bug and we would be more than happy to help you. Could you please contact our support through the Help button in the Settings menu?

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