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DokiDoki LoveUnholyc ClassOne day, when I was exhausted and going through a rough day.

The dark thoughts I had changed the dating simulation world of those that I love?! I will do anything to brighten the future of those who have loved me dearly. This time, it’s my turn to protect you…!

Merge two balls to make a bigger and cuter ball. As you repeat the stages full of cute faces you can collect more entertaining quests, interesting episodes, and special dolls with various stories. Make your own school campus with event stories that are updated monthly and with various decoration elements.

DokiDoki LoveUnholyc Class user reviews :

(Edit; Yeah, had to uninstall) I’m hoping it’s not just me, as it’s hard to find anything about this game online, but the one where you pop the bubbles is almost impossible. I did the first few but the game is unforgiving. They fall too fast. The space is too small. If it lags and you miss one then it’s literally not passable. It also just doesn’t register at times. I’ve also heard ep2 doesn’t unlock even after a year long wait. I like the story and characters but idk

I was really excited to play this as soon as I saw the cute art style! I was able to get through a good few levels and stories after downloading it, but after the first day, the app no longer properly opens. It opens to the “unity” logo for a few seconds, then goes black as if my phone turned off, but it’s still active. I have tried restarting my phone, deleting and redownloading the app, even downloading it onto a different device! Nothing. It’s such a shame, cause I really was enjoying it!

It’s lots of fun so far and all the art is so cute and endearing. It’s defintely nice when you need a distraction from stress. But.. I’m getting into levels that feel unfair. I’m currently on a level that drops bombs that get rid of 3 random balls each time. The problem is, the bombs are so often that I can’t collect enough to reach the level goal, I just have to hope the RNG gives me enough balls to complete. The earlier levels felt more strategic

It’s very cute and I love the character design HOWEVER, when I first downloaded the game the intro would only continuously loop with no way to enter the game, eventually I got the game to play (I don’t even know how, honestly!) but it seems to be back to the continuous looping. PLEASE fix this- this game has great potential, and is so addicting! But when the opening loops, it’s hard to maintain that interest.

I ended up playing 60+ stages on the first day! I love the other game made by the company, and this one too! only slight issues are with sometimes the text doesn’t show up / missing characters and it’s a little hard to read. The levels are fresh and creative although RNG sometimes messes up levels, but I do think action points are easy to get so it makes up for it. Edit: reached the Mario spin off level and I do think the controls are hard to use

This game is great, im addicted to playing it’s so fun. Arguably one of the best games ive played in its genre (and yes as a fan, I’m biased). However, it does have a few minor issues. Slight translation errors and a weird bug where i can’t buy anything from the in game store due to having an “unstable connection” despite having full bars, while being able to play the game and purchase things elsewhere with no problem? Other than that it’s been flawless, I’ll update as things change.

I really love the game; the story, art style, and minigames are so amazing~ I like how its set in a alternative universe and how the games change everytime, but the only problem I have is how frequent the games are Like 5 games between each story part is unfair, especially if its difficult to pass through. Its a bit tedious too, honestly.

I adore this game, I only got it but it’s really good! My only thing I’ve had problems with is sometimes the text would be missing letter. And I don’t like the sliding thing in the game. And I don’t really like the bombs level at some point it kept giving me bombs and I had to restart alot so that wasn’t fun at all. It felt more stressful than anything. It’s freaked me out but other than those it’s been amazing! The art is really good. The story and characters are well written!

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