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[Game] Thinkrolls – Kings & Queens

Thinkrolls Google Play Editors’ Choice
Winner Google Play “Best Families Apps 2016”
Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review (score 100/100)
Top Pick by Common Sense Media (rating 5/5)
Best Pick by TechWithKids (rating 5/5)

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens is an epic adventure of logic, physics and fun! Practice reasoning, memory and problem solving skills in this challenging puzzle game that is loved by kids and parents alike!

228 physics puzzles, 12 fairytale castles, toothy crocodiles, goofy ghosts and a friendly dragon, provide hours of fun-filled play and brain training for the whole family! So, unlock the fun, unleash the magic, and let your young knight or princess embark on an epic quest of twists and turns.


The goal is simple: Move, handle and combine objects to clear a path, obtain the key, and open the gate to the next level. Collect treasure for the dragon so he’ll let you through. The adventure unfolds inside 12 beautiful, epic castles filled with obstacles, puzzles and fun science concepts.

Exciting challenges await you at every turn! Lull a cool crocodile to sleep with a song. Make a goofy ghost vanish with reflected light. This brain twisting puzzle game has it all; castles, dragons, knights, princesses, simple machines, physics, enchanting spells, and a touch of magic!


Solve the puzzles and collect candy and precious gems to please the resident dragon. In return, the dragon offers you crowns, tiaras, mustaches, costumes, and many more majestic accessories to customize your own unique Thinkroll characters.


Gear & Rack: combine gears with racks to create ladders & conveyor belts
Chest & Bridge: fill gaps and collapse swaying bridges to clear the way
Crocodile & Harp: use the harp to lull the crocodile to sleep
Ghost & Mirror: shift the mirror to eliminate the ghost with reflected light
Hatch & Lever: switch the lever to open and close hatches
Flying Potion: unleash the magic potion to defy gravity and fly to the finish


115 easy puzzles for children 5-8 years old
113 challenging puzzles for children 8+ years old
12 epic castles packed with smart brain challenges
Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more
Collect candies and gems to feed the dragon
Win awesome accessories to customize your own Thinkrolls
Build your own Thinkrolls library
Clear the castle of spooky spiders & bats
Supports 6 player profiles
No time limits. Play at your own pace.
Gorgeous artwork, delightful music & sound design
COPPA compliant, no in-app purchases, no third-party ads


STEM skills
Hands-on physics
Logic & problem solving
Cause and effect reasoning
Memory & Spatial cognition
Strategizing & planning ahead
Patience & perseverance


Castles 1-2 “Easy” and castles 1-2 “Hard” are free to play, offering 71 unique puzzles. If you and your kids enjoy the game, you can unlock the remaining 8 castles (157 levels) with a single in-app purchase. This feature is protected behind a parental gate. Our app does not contain any 3rd party ads and provides a safe and quality experience for your kids.

A premium version without in-app purchases is also available on Google Play.


Our app works perfectly on Android restricted profiles. Just make sure that “Play Games” and “Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens” are turned on in the list of “App & content access” for this profile. Contact us if you need help setting up your restricted profile.


We respect your privacy! We do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. Our apps do not contain 3rd party ads and are safe for young children. View our privacy policy:

Thinkrolls user reviews :

Note that there is only 1 easy castle on the free version. I went ahead and purchased the rest of the game after using this “preview,” and it’s a cute and smart puzzle game for my preschooler. (We are very strict with our screen time/exposure, so this is perfect!) He has beaten the easy levels and moved on to the hard ones. I do wish there were more castles overall, though, for the price.

I’ve just started playing and the puzzle game is quite fun! It’s easy and forces you to remain alert. It’s great for kids!! I recommend!

I like the game and that you can choose if you want an easy or hard level.l also like that you can customize your own character

Fantastic kid’s game! It focuses on prioritization, planning and strategy, all areas I find missing from most children’s “educational” games. The graphics are adorable, my 4 y.o. loves to customize her character’s look, and I am stunned by the gameplay of the free version. Can’t wait to try out more games from Avokiddo!

Love this game! First off, it’s worth the cost because it’s a smart, well designed game. I’ve been playing it occasionally for a year and it’s still fun, though I’ve completed all the levels a few times. My 7 & 5 year olds enjoy it too, on the easy setting. We each have a user name so we are not ruining each other’s progress. No ads!

  • Thank you for the 5-star review! We are glad to hear that the whole family enjoys our app!

I think this is the most amazing game that really cares about it players and knows what the best for children. This game doesn’t has massive ads that trick children to purchase something. Plus, this app has the multiple different account and option for game’s level. You can choose it easy and hard by age. I love how this app interacts with parents and the education inside it. I think other game should take note how these developers do this game i may purchase the full ver.

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