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[Game] Donut Punks – Online Epic Brawl

Donut Punks  AAAHHH! You’re surrounded by zombies, but you are not one of them!

Which means that it’s time to kick those boring monsters out of your life: there are no rules or restrictions, only fun, hardcore fun and tons of donuts dropped by your enemies.

Fight the dreary zombies, but watch out—you’re not the only survivor. Other players also dream about donuts, which means they are already preparing to use perks against you! Don’t hold back, deploy a perk yourself and watch the zombies devour all your opponents.

Donut Punks is a MOBA for the most cunning. It’s an action adventure shooter that will make you a PvP and PvE genius. Crush them bungling zombies and reveal your inner potential!

Charge into action-filled battles:

Play real-time PvP and PvE battles with friends. Crush zombies, collect donuts and defeat opponents with cunning. Watch out—they want to take your trophies!
A gang of crazy characters is waiting. Choose any, learn unique skills and work out your own tactic!
Zombies are dumb but vicious. Each has their own secret attacks, and some drop unique loot!
Launch a multiplayer Donut Hunt. There are four of you, but it’s every man for himself. Shoot the most zombies to collect donuts.
Start your own ColleXion. Play a coop doubles match and fill the collectors full of donuts ahead of the opposing team.
Experience the power of Hardcore! Test your nerves by shooting your way out of a battle with the angriest zombies on the planet.

Real-time coop battles with friends are cool and all, but don’t forget to up your game:

Check out Donut Pass. Perseverance in multiplayer battles will bring you special bonuses. Log in to Donut Pass more often and don’t forget to get all of the season’s rewards.
Collect Trophies. Win to unlock new characters and new modes.
Customize! We have skins that’ll blow your mind and expand your consciousness.

And remember: you are not a zombie as long as you’re cool, fresh and reckless. Luck you!

This unique shooter is available online for free, but some in-game items are sold for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, set a password for purchases in the device settings.

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Donut Punks user reviews :

Very cute game, but it really lags every time I try to play in my room, so I have to stay in the living room to get a stable connection. I can play other games in my room without any connection problem so please fix that. Another thing is the control is bad. Please add more characters. I’ll give 1 star for now.

The game is good. Only issue is it keeps telling me my wifi has disconnected when I have full wifi and when that happens I can’t do nothing on the game and keep dying.
  • Donut Lab
  • Thanks a lot for the feedback. As for the server that treacherously crashes, it is because the influx of players has increased. Of course we are already working on improving the situation.
Please add more characters, as the upgrades are very slow.. new battlefield is also not a bad idea..
  • Donut Lab
  • Thank you for the feedback! Sure, new heroes, modes, features & locations are coming. We hope to get 5 stars from you in next updates
I love the game so much but i can’t update because I dont have enough space storage on my phone. So I was trying to download it on my chrome book but I cant find the game on play store what should I do
  • Donut Lab
  • Please contact us via and we’ll try to help!
Just tell me why i cant find this game when i search; donut punks but i can find it when i seach kids vs zombies. And plz make analoge fixed its frustating
  • Donut Lab
  • Thank you for the feedback! We are now at the stage of renaming, perhaps this is the reason.
What a waste on such a good game with bad controller movement, always stop moving
  • Donut Lab
  • Thanks for the honest review, we’ll improve our controller movement in the future
Game is really good but same type game always collect donut to win try sone advanture Or long time game with tasks
  • Donut Lab
  • Thank you for the feedback! Sure, we’ll add new missions & content, stay tuned

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