Echoes of Mana – Search of the legendary Mana Sword

[Game] Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana  Echoes of Mana is the brand new title to join the lineup of popular Mana series games!

Ally with past Mana series characters in your journey for the search of the legendary Mana Sword!

Dive into the world of the widely acclaimed Mana series action RPG,
fun for both long-time fans and newcomers alike!

2D Action RPG with Simple Controls & Layers of Features
Swipe and tap with ease using skills and items to dominate the battlefield!
Co-op battle with other players against tough bosses!

Immerse yourself in an all new original story featuring characters from past titles!
Guided by the Mana Goddess, watch as your story unfolds into a journey across worlds in search of the sword that holds the key to saving all life.
Reunite with familiar faces from past Mana series titles, and encounter all new original characters too!

Form a dream-team party with characters across titles!
Mix and match characters old and original into your party, then lead your customized team to victory in battle!

Featured Characters
Sumo (VA: Hiro Shimono)
Amanda (VA: Miyuki Sawashiro)
Dark Lord (VA: Kazuyuki Okitsu)
Julius (VA: Koki Uchiyama)
Randi (VA: Kensho Ono)
Primm (VA: Nozomi Yamamoto)
Popoi (VA: Emiri Kato)
Thanatos (VA: Jouji Nakata)
Duran (VA: Takuya Eguchi)
Angela (VA: Rumi Okubo)
Riesz (VA: Mikako Komatsu)
Hawkeye (VA: Yuki Ono)
Kevin (VA: Ryota Osaka)
Charlotte (VA: Sumire Morohoshi)
Lekius (VA: Shoya Chiba)
Shiloh (VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
Serafina (VA: Saori Hayami)
Niccolo (VA: Wataru Takagi)
Sierra (VA: Kiyono Yasuno)
Ferrik (VA: Tasuku Hatanaka)
Wanderer (VA: Kenjiro Tsuda) and more!

Recommended for…

Mana series fans

Those who want to play a fun smartphone action RPG
Those who love character-training type RPGs
Those who are looking for fun solo or co-op online games
Those who want to play the latest title from a widely-acclaimed RPG series
Those who are looking for a popular RPG with a first-class cast of Japanese voiced characters
Those who are looking for a popular free-to-play game

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Recommended Device Specs

OS: Android 8 or later
Memory: 4GB or more
Note: We do not guarantee functionality on all devices listed above.

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Echoes of Mana user reviews :

Beautiful art, graphics, and decently challenging gameplay (for me at least). The story’s direction is now in pending rating because I haven’t finished it yet, but so far it’s pretty cute and wholesome. The only trouble I had is that it says that I don’t have the resources to do a certain training ground even when I have full SP [S1-10000013]. It seems I can only do the first levels and not the second ones. Hope you can fix it soon! Really having fun playing this game

Pretty good game so far. Only made it made past 3 chapters. However, there seem to be an abundance of bugs waiting for me left and right whenever I press something. For example, I’ve had to close and open my app multiple times just to get my mission board menu to actually show up. Another thing is that sometimes it will just randomly crash out of nowhere.

The art style and over all ascetic is great. However, the walking/ running animations seem a bit gittery and slow. The combat is also a bit mediocre, but it isn’t horrible. I was hoping it would be turn based and not hack n’ slash. The animations could use some tweaking and some things could use some more resolution to look higher quality, but other than that it’s all decent.

A beautiful blast from the past, I’ve been truely enjoying this game thus far. The artwork and animations are very beautiful, and I am not being bombarded by requests to watch ads, or having MTX shoved in my face. The battles, and character upgrading are enjoyable and easy to understand. I’m a little disappointed there is no visual customization for your main character though.

Okay, so far so good. It’s too early to judge the stories, but i can say some things about the gameplay. Love the art, the style, the VAs. It’s just a bit difficult to understand the play style, because at the same time it looks like typical scrolling game, while also wanna be action rpg like the usual mana series. It’s difficult to balance the team, when to block, when to attack, etc because there’s so many things happening on screen.

Excellent game so far! The story progression is laid out well and tutorials are offered as you unlock features through progression or leveling. Been a fan of the Mana series for a long time and was lucky enough to pull 3 of my favorites right out the gate, too. A lot of loading screens, but they aren’t lengthy at all so they don’t slow down anything much. Having the ability to pre-download the game was extremely handy as well because it let me jump right into it without high load server issues.

Latest update :

Thank you for playing Echoes of Mana!
The app has been updated as follows.

Some feature improvements
Some bug fixes
Upcoming event provisioning

Please note that opening the app following the update, the version update process and data download will take time. Wi-Fi usage with a stable connection is recommended when updating.
We hope you enjoy your adventure in Echoes of Mana!

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