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LingerbookLingerbook is an online reading platform that has a wide collection of intriguing novels in diverse genres, such as Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Sci-fi, Adventure, Thriller, etc.

All books are created by top authors across all platforms who are brilliant and outstanding in their specialty, which ensures the high-quality content that our App provides.

Lingerbook dedicates to creating an enjoyable reading space for our readers
New novels and chapters are released on a daily basis. Many novels are updated over 10 chapters each day. More fresh and exciting contents are on the way thanks to our prolific authors!
Lingerbook also designed an innovative and intelligent way to pick out the most suited books catering to your taste. The diversified recommendation mechanism underpinned by our cutting-edge algorithm could present you with targeted content according to your reading preference. The tags system offers you an efficient way to locate your favorite stories, including Alpha, Mate, Luna, Brother, King, Billionaire, Remarriage, Divorce, Revenge, Darkness, Vampire, Dragon, Magic, Fae, Devi… and so forth.
The well-tailored interface and personalized reading setting make our App super user-friendly and easy to operate. You may adjust the Font, Background, Lights and mode of flipping while reading to suit your habit.

Lingerbook greatly values the quality of our novels and the voices of our readers
The weekly and daily featured booklists are selected from our most trending and hot stories. Booklists and Rankings, such as the Best Sellers List, Most Read List and Best Collection List, have received excellent feedback and responses from our readers
Must-Read Novels on Lingerbook:

Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis
Remarriage? Never and Go Away! by Deeroad
Mrs. Gibson, Your Identity Is Exposed by Fair Day
CEO is Chasing Ex-wife Back by Sue

The Cursed Alpha’s Mate by Moon_Flood

Lingerbook’s Reward Center offers you plentiful bonuses each day
Small and easy tasks are released daily to provide you with adequate bonuses and coins to advance your reading. The more you read, the more bonuses you get. Accept our reading challenges and start reading now! You can get your daily rewards through check-in, or participate in our Top-up campaigns which are launched every now and then. More incentives and unlock options will be developed in our future updates!

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Where you can read, explore, and fantasize. Welcome aboard!

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Lingerbook user reviews :

Reward and help pages are not working. You are not able to get your daily bonuses. The stories are decent though.

Lingerbook is a mobile app that provides access to a vast library of novels across various genres, allowing users to read and discover new stories on the go. The app offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, browse and search for your favorite books. One of the key features of Lingerbook is the personalized reading experience it offers. The app uses an algorithm that learns your reading preferences over time and recommends books that are tailored to your taste

i had read some stories, and its really nice

This is the first time I’ve used this app. So far the book that I’m reading is interesting. I’ve come across a few grammatical errors related to the use of pronouns. Either the author or the translator aren’t definitely positive on when to use his or hers. Might want to research that and do some editing to the story.

Stories are good, however it takes a long time to read one because the coins you earn are not enough to read a chapter or two unless you want to spend a fortune. There are other reading apps that require no purchase, they only require you watch adds which last only 5-30 seconds long.

Enjoy this app very much. The novel have read is interesting and is very nice. And the chapter are too expensive, and i would appreciate it if the amount of the coins be use to purchase it been reduced. and it also nice that we can watch ads to earn coin but is not enough.

So far so good, but my only complaint is the cost of coins ,it’s really expensive, some of us don’t have debit card or credit card,we are relying on free coins and tasks given to earn passes,if only you can work on the charge for passes,as in reducing it ,I will come back and give this app a 5 stars.

Enjoying this app very much. So far all the stories I have read are very nice, just a few spelling mistakes from the author’s. The chapters are too expensive, and would appreciate it if the amount of coins use to purchase a chapter is reduced.

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