Downtown Gangstas – Lot of stuff to blow up

[Game] Downtown Gangstas – Hood Wars

Downtown Gangstas

Ever wanted to become a big-time Gangsta? Go ahead and install now!

Here is what we have (short version):

All-new Gangsta themed strategy game
Lot of stuff to blow up
Lot of rivals who want to blow up your stuff

We also have (long version):

Hood to Build/Defend and get more powerful
Mansion, a Limo, some businesses
Cool Mercs to blow up your enemy city
Assign Thugs to defend your city
Boss Fights, who joins your Crew if you beat’em for good
Challenging Jobs which can make you scratch your head sometimes
Hit List so that you can place a bounty on hoodies that diss you
Rival List so you don’t forget who messed with you
Start or joins Gangs with friends around the world
Police Cars which can bust you during a Job
Air Dropped Mob Gifts
Daily Shipments with Speed Boats

Some other features:

Attack Replays
Crime Family
Profile Wall
Profile Respects
Street REPS
Attack Squads
Layout Editor
Saved Layouts
World Chat
Skill Points
Power Boosts
Day Mode and Night Mode worlds

Official Customer Service email: dev[at]
Official Facebook Fan Page:

Downtown Gangstas user reviews :

very short explaination. I’m lost after the tutorial seems to go away after showing you attacks and Jobs. I can see myself being slaughtered in this game already as its taking way to long to click around just to see what I’m allowed to do next. even then I have no idea why it was allowed. I see no way to understand to strategize but there’s definitely ways to spend money. game looks good seems to have a nice feel. but this all is hampered by the feeling of not knowing what to do takes over all.

  • Dear player, Please kindly report your problem or suggestion along with your detailed information through dev[at] We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.

The game is good but upgrades take a lot of cash the cash is easy to get but u have to spend more cash then what u get in the game upgrades take longer than need there’s no kinda speedup boost except for diamonds it’s fast paced I would say it’s almost addictive but the fact is this game still needs a lot of work

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

Very fun! You can level up fairly easy and Im level 22 and no pay wall! Im so happy! Could use more characters and maybe some solo campaign missions with a storyline. That would make it five stars.

  • We look forward to earning a 5-star rating from you. We have noted down your suggestion and will surely look into the possibilities of implementing it with our future updates.

Good graphics and easy play. Could use a little more excitement and humor at start.

  • Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Fun addicted to playing it reminds me of saints row a little bit.. love strategy and gangster style games this is my taste for a phone game.

  • Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Thank you soooo much for all the wonderful updates flame thrower isAwesome.. is one of the best around. Would be cool to have more missions, more leveling up. Something more to spend my stacked 3million . More more of the fun please thank you. Your deadly  .. loving the grande boss and his dogs. Well done can we had 2 missile launchers since we get 2 of all the other big guns. I set my hoods up and it’s always oddly placing 1.

  • Thank you for that wonderful rating & review. We have duly noted down your feedback, More updates are in the pipeline, stay tuned. We will look into the possibilities of implementing your suggestions as well with our future updates. Enjoy playing and have a wonderful time ahead.

I like the game but once you max out upgrading all your stuff that’s the end of the game and they shouldn’t have it so you can attack people in your mob but my main thing is what you upgrade everything to the maximum the game gets boring

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at dev[at]

Its a good game to play to past the time, the more you level up the more challenging (yet easy) it gets (in a fun way)

  • We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.

Latest Update :

Introducing Healer
Introducing Hover Mob
Fixes and improvements

Contact developer :


Video :

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