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Comprehensive protection from all types of threats for mobile devices running Android OS 4.4 — 13, and for TVs, media players and gaming consoles powered by Android TV 5.0+.

Features and advantages of the protection components
Quick or full file-system scans, custom scans of user-specified files and folders.
Provides real-time file system scanning.
Neutralises ransomware lockers and keeps data intact, eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. Even when a device is locked, and even when the lockage is caused by lockers that the Dr.Web virus databases do not recognise.
Detects new, unknown malware thanks to the unique Origins Tracing™ technology.
Moves detected threats to the quarantine; isolated files can be restored.
Password-protected anti-virus settings and password-protected access to applications.
Minimum consumption of system resources.
Restrained use of battery resources.
Economises traffic due to the small size of the virus database updates.
Provides detailed statistics.
Convenient and informative widget on the device home screen.

URL filter

Blocks sites that are sources of infection.
Blocking is possible for several thematic categories of websites (drugs, violence, etc.).
Whitelists and blacklists of sites.
Access to whitelisted sites only.
Call and SMS Filter

Protection against unwanted calls.
Allows whitelists and blacklists of phone numbers to be created.
Unlimited number of profiles.
Works with two SIM cards.
Password-protected settings.

Important! The component does not support SMS messages.
Helps users locate a mobile device if it has been lost or stolen, and, if necessary, wipe confidential information from it remotely.
Component management using push notifications from trusted contacts.
Password-protected settings.

Important! The component does not support SMS messages.

Parental Control

Blocks access to applications.
Blocks attempts to tamper with Dr.Web’s settings.
Password-protected settings.

Security Auditor

Provides troubleshooting and detects security issues (vulnerabilities)
Gives recommendations on how to eliminate them.

Dr.Web firewall is based on VPN technology for Android, which allows it to work without requiring superuser (root) rights on the device, while a VPN tunnel is not created and Internet traffic is not encrypted.

Filters the external network traffic of applications installed on a device and system applications in accordance with user preferences (Wi-Fi/cellular network) and customisable rules (by IP addresses and/or ports, and by entire networks or IP ranges).
Monitors current and previously transmitted traffic; provides information about the addresses/ports to which applications are connecting and the amount of inbound and outbound traffic.
Provides detailed logs.

If the accessibility feature is on:
Dr.Web Anti-theft protects your data more reliably.
URL filter checks websites in all supported browsers.
Parental Control manages access to your applications and Dr.Web settings.

The product can be used free of charge for 14 days, after which a commercial license of one year or longer must be purchased.

Dr.Web Security Space includes only those Dr.Web protection components that comply with Google’s policy at any point in time; Dr.Web Security Space can be changed by the rights holder when this policy changes without any obligation to users. Dr.Web Security Space for Android with the complete set of components, including the Call and SMS Filter and the Anti-theft, is available on the rights holder’s site.

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Dr Web Security Space user reviews :

Doesn’t work keeps switching off all the time once screen is idle. Had the free version and that kept doing the same so bought a year’s licence for both myself and my daughter. Don’t waste your money buying this app like I did. Update, developer’s solution worked (thank you for your responce). Wasn’t quite the right instructions for my phone but managed to figure it out. App has been running for 24hrs and not switch off.

  • Hello! Please check, in the Device Settings, the Battery section, the “Screen lock locks applications” item, remove our application from this list. Also open recent applications (click on the square), hold your finger on our application and pull down, a “lock” will be put

Thanks for replying. Yes I do think there is a problem. A hacker has piggybacked on my phone. Go to settings, apps permissions etc.,data, data usage, you can see the background data is in kbs not mbs. Settings, apps permissions, individual apps(pick one – he likes carrier apps, little used apps, really any app, if you don’t find at 1st keep looking) , go to storage of that app. If you are hacked kbs will be in any or all 3 positions. Cache, mixed with real data but in kbs, or in app itself.

  • Hello! The Dr.Web account password could not be changed without direct access to the device. If you think you have a problem with the device, you can run a full scan and change all your passwords for services. You can reset the Dr.Web account password using acs.drweb.com.

Beta light app updated on my other phone. The functionality changed. I had not had used this app in 8 years so I decided to try the 14 day trial. I have a Samsung Galaxy running 11.0. Many of the permissions, like Lock Dr. Web, were not able to be used as there is no way to access the permissions using your instructions. In attempting to access my Play Store, I was asked for the password. It did not pop up the biometric fingerprint as in other sections. Make a version for 9.0+ only.

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