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[Game] Dragon Lords 3D

Dragon Lords 3D  Dragon Lords 3D is an epic fantasy strategy game with amazing 3D graphics!

Build a fearsome castle, gather an indomitable army of elves and dwarves, recruit legendary heroes, use the magic of nature and the crushing power of dragons to make battles go your way.

Prove that you are a wise commander, unite with friends into an unbreakable guild and become stronger together. Only the greatest have a chance to win!

Unique 3D graphics: stunning spells and unbelievable views, with completely free camera movement.
Lightning-fast PvP battles: show your valor and cunning, lead troops in battle or preserve your army and retreat at the right moment.
Guild wars: call your friends into a team and take part in battles together.
An epic PvE campaign: get ready for fun battles with the troops of the Black Sword Order.

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Dragon Lords 3D user reviews :

Nice and fun game, a good copy that is better than original one (clash of c) if we can buy more than 5 builder it will be more fun too, thank you
  • FXGames Media
  • Hello Hossein ! Thanks for your review! Have a nice game! If you have any questions about the game, please contact us via support[at]fx.gl.
This is the best Clash-style strategy game that I’ve ever played. Since Star Wars Commander no longer exists and all the rest are pretty bad. Empires and Allies used to be good, too, but they ruined it when they added those massive transformer units.
  • FXGames Media
  • Hello Iron! Thanks for your review! Have a nice game! If you have any questions about the game, please contact us via support[at]fx.gl.
Very Wrost game in the world make it more graphicable and more castle level and to many events that the game will look better
  • FXGames Media
  • Hello Manoj! We are sorry that our game is not so good for you. If you have any suggestions how we can make our game more attractive and convenient for you, please contact us via support[at]fx.gl. We would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
It is very good game but if you add this that you can attack the opponent you want
  • FXGames Media
  • Hello Abdur! Thanks for your review and suggestion! Have a nice game! If you have any questions about the game, please contact us via support[at]fx.gl.

Great way to spend a few hours killing time

This game can be better if daily login was at least 20 crystals

it’s very good game but it’s not easy.

this is an amazing 3D strategy game

It’s Viper JG, I love this game thanks for making this game, I think now this game also need attacking castle like galaxy control. Thanks

this is an amazing strategy game and its amazing that you can donate troops and give advice to newer players

Great! if can shorten troop training time will be more better.

it’s a very good game but u need to have a good strategy which isn’t really hard.Nothing really bad about

I love the game because it is just like clash of clans

a good pass time keeps you comming back to get things done oups not done yet get this done and then do that and than ……and that

It a good game and I love it but you can update it and add new army

good game and good army but titan is soo costly and my guild name is dacii come in my guild

A goog game but needs an upgrade. For attacking you have upgrade castle. That should not be you can attack whenever you want to
  • FX Games Media
  • Hello! I’ll pass your review to our game design team. Thanks! If you have any additional questions or problems with the game please contact us via support[at]fx.gl

Nice game but need more improvement. Download and play it is very easy to play

I can not open my game after update
  • FX Games Media
  • Hello Nima! Please contact us through our support channel (Settings – Support or via support@fx.gl). We will be happy to help you!

The game play allows for some directives during battle unlike Galaxy Control. The graphics are nice even though the detail on some buildings is not quite at refined as others. The tutorial is seamless and the game is robust enough to keep you busy working on multiple facets four hours. The algorithm set to determine who you battle against could have level restrictions so a level 10 is not fighting a level 26. Good start to the makings of another great game.

Latest Update :

Get ready for a massive upcoming battle for your place in the kingdom!

New Castle level!
New structure: Marketplace
New units: Mad Helicopter Pilot and Mechanical Gorilla
New Dragon skins
New mines: Slowdown Trap and Pirate Ambush
New defensive units: Royal Ballista and Mortar
New Hero levels
New unit, structure, and perk levels
New flags
Lots of minor improvements

Contact developer :


Video :

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