Draw Police – Try a brain story tricky test

[Game] Draw Police – Tricky Puzzles!

Draw PoliceWelcome to the world of Draw Police – Tricky Puzzles!

If you are not good at drawing, don’t worry! This DOP Brain Story drawing games is very easy and smart to recognize your draw.

Simple gameplay for brain story tricky puzzle test game.
Hundreds of draw puzzle for your imagination to run wild
200+ Levels and scenarios for you to sketch and testing your brain in fun drawing games.
Test your drawing skill easier in this drawing games: Draw Police – Tricky Puzzles!
Can you make the police officers happy or struggle? Do you need a clue or a hint in this fun offline games? Let’s try a brain story tricky test! All you have to do is draw one part to solve problems of the girl cops.
Are you looking for intuitive easy puzzle games? Try this offline game DOP Draw Police – Trick Puzzles. This game is an addictive brain story test game so you can play it anywhere or anytime you want. Let’s test your brain! Start drawing now!


1. Relax and solve puzzles
Test your brain by thinking about solution. For example: The car of cops was inactive, just draw a missing part of wheel to make it back to work.
You don’t have to erase anything, but just draw puzzle on the screen. If you don’t understand, let’s take the hint and draw. This fun drawing games is easy brain story test. You won’t feel brain out in DOP Draw Police games, since this game is fun and puzzle quite easy to play.

2. Spend long days in the lives of police officers.
Over 200 puzzles and so many episodes of missing parts are packed with fun in this offline drawing games! You can play with friends. Try to think about the tricky test to solve puzzle.

3. No need to draw perfectly!
As a draw one part game, this tricky brain story test game no need you to draw perfect. Draw Police – Tricky Puzzle games only need your decision when drawing some missing part, such as a wheel of cop’s car.
If you clear the question and draw puzzle right, you can get a diamond. This diamond can be used as money to increase the furniture in the main character’s room in offline DOP games!

There are many types of pencils, and their shapes and colors vary! Get skins you like, such as carrots, and cat hands! It would be great if all types could be completed!

If you like brain out or happy glass, this game will also be one of your favorite choices for offline game. Let’s download it now, and draw one part to solve puzzles! Play and have a fun trickey test with friends.

This DOP games is so easy that it’s perfect for your kids to play! People of all ages can play, so let’s play with your family and friends and get excited!

Various series of Draw Police Happy has been released!
There are many other themes such as dentists, Instagrammers, students, and criminals. When you finish playing this offline game, please try other series!
As the series grows, you won’t have a tons of tricky brain test to play with friends!

Here are some of the riddles in Draw Polices!

The car of cops is inoperable. What missing part will you draw? I suggest we draw a wheel!

The roller coaster is interrupted on the way! If you can draw one part, what will you draw to solve puzzle in this game? The tricky brain test in this offline game is fun, so you can think about solution and draw!

Let’s play Draw Police – Tricky Puzzles right away! Play now and have fun in drawing puzzle offline games

Draw Police user reviews :

The game itself is fun enough, except for the fact that you have to watch an ad after every single level. The level only last for about one second and then I have to watch a 30-second ad. Really not worth it to me to have to keep watching all these ads while you’re making money while I’m just trying to play a stupid game.

The reason I don’t like games like this is because they’re annoying, even if I dont play them, my younger sister does and it is frequently an add on both of my phones, because my sister is only a toddler she doesn’t know many things, so she just downloads it blindly. They just start to mock little children to download them , in this case, my sister is one of them. So, I request not to play or download this game, and to the developers, please don’t put these addas!!!!

You don’t even need to draw the shape of the missing part of the object to solve the puzzle. 99% of the time just drawing a small line will solve it. Noticed that at like level 5 and it immediately made the game lose any potential fun it coukd have had.

Like this game but there’s way to many ads, You get to play 2 then a ad then another 2 then a other ad, It would be much better if there wasn’t so many ads in the game

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