Bubble Burst – Improve your ability in observation

[Game] Bubble Burst – Match 3D

Bubble BurstGet ready for a new, challenging and original matching pairs game.

You need to match 3D balloon in the air of an amusement park, you will find new balloon to pair.

Bubble Burst 3D is designed to relax your mind, take down your daily stress, and improve your ability in observation.

Play now and discover plenty of challenging levels filled with fun missions that make this time-killing game one of a kind.

Relax and enjoy this addictive ballons 3d matching game as you collect items and complete different missions

Your goal is to clear the bubble by finding and matching all ballons before the time runs out!

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Bubble Burst user reviews :

Game needs more time to have a chance of advancing. I made it to level 50 then there are balloons that don’t have 3 to match only 2. There may be a magic balloon that’ll clear out everything but there’s so many 2 balloon sets it’s too complicated to figure it out especially in a short period of time. I’m deleting. It’s not worth the hassle.

There is too many ads can’t play I minutes and it goes into an ad

I really enjoy this game, however i cant play more then one game without the app freezing before the level is finished i need a phone that does not freeze which is a nuissence and randomly happens on my device but now with this game it happens everytime i try to play so if it wasnt for that i would have a positive review.

I have have been started from yesterday look like this app best and Excited but without Google payment fee this app can not any results Award, rewards , or Cash withdrawal. I think very large and many options and Catagaress in this playing Bubble Busst app

Another game with a restrictive time limit. I liked your game at first but the time limits are very stressful and you have to pay 1000 for an extra min, other games give you a min. for free. Deleting it.

Love this game but get rid of the timer! There is not near enough time given to complete a level. Being in my 70’s I like to play games to relax!

The level bar during game play is not at the top of the screen and it slightly obscures some of the balloons when you are trying to pop them,developers please fix this.

It’s a lotta fun and I luv this game but please take the timer off or give it way more time to at least get through the first level .

Playing this game a while now reach level 688 finish all 40 room now I’ll continue to play but i need more room i done fed up fix them over

OMG you will love this game.!!!! Down load it today. I promise you your going to love this game so much!!!!!?

Can someone, please tell me what the flowers are for in this game??

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