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[Game] Draw Puzzle – Draw one part

Draw Puzzle  Do you know how to draw things? Do you know how to draw one part – DOP? Do you know how to draw at puzzle games?

Let download Draw Puzzle – Draw one part to experience a ton of cunning features by just draw. Our draw game brings you a smile, helps you relax, connects with friends by the way to draw it in game. Just draw, you’re gonna get everything we’re listed above.

How to play Draw puzzle: Draw one part? – Just draw a line

Well, at first it doesn’t look hard: you get half a picture upfront. You need to figure out what it is and then draw lines in the second half. But here’s the catch: you can only use one line to finish it! Think you can handle it?

The special feature of Draw Game – Draw one part is to use AI to guess the shapes you draw and draw lines. Think and just draw it to match with the answers.

Who knew gap filling could be so much fun?

Unique gameplay brings you a cunning combination of logical puzzle games and drawing game
Fun and education for all ages- expand your general outlook with different riddles.
Smooth and addictive gameplay
Your finger is the pencil- draw the solution
Unexpected and humorous pictures will make your day
Draw puzzle game style will push your imagination and creativity
Solve tons of puzzles
Don’t worry about being perfect
Picture worth of 1000 words

Looking for an original and entertaining puzzle solving game that’s genuinely challenging and rewards lateral thinking but won’t have you throwing your phone across the room in frustration? Draw One Part will bend your brain, test your drawing skills, and give your logic a real workout without ever driving you absolutely crazy.

Download Draw One Part now and get training for your brain in perfect harmony to solve endless beautiful, satisfying puzzles with real creative flair.

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Draw Puzzle user reviews :

Actually, this is pretty decent! At least the ads don’t come every 2 seconds. The problem is though you can literally just draw a line and then complete the level lol

Ok so far the game is pretty good actually but the ads are just weird I see so many of them and their like poppy playtime fnaf and other weird drawings of them I rate 4 stars for the app and just make the ads a little “friendlier”

It’s so good I love it and it’s such a good game you should totally make a copy for it or like it’s so good I love it so much please pretty please make more games like it

It is amazing but to many ads after everey level theres an ad

Dispite being for 3 year olds most characters are female and one was literally a strippers pole with a female dancing. Ads are stupid and too frequent. Do not get.

Hello maker of the game and players i really like this game but its really slow to install and there are ads wich are not that great but pls take off the ads thank you for making this game we really like it

I don’t really like it I dont want to be mean but when I saw the game preview I thought it was good but now that I play it, it isn’t what I thought and it is I kinda easy but other than that it gives you something to do and it is kinda good and a fun game. So keep playing if you like it maybe it will get much more fun than when I was playing but don’t listen to me who ever created this game good job not everyone likes the same stuff but I hope everyone has a wonderful day and stays safe & happy!

This game is nice but it have a lot of ad while online or not please fix this problem otherwise this game is super

This game was OK You can get it but if you don’t really like a good game If you don’t really like square game do not get this game but not all of them are square game did not get the score game after so it’s quite a good game athe school game apps are kind of bad but kinda good

It’s amazing you got to play it’s the you got to draw and it’s awesome

I was trying to figure it out but like I figured it out after but it’s really it’s a really good game

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