Dream Hopper – Discover a dazzling dreamscape of memories

[Game] Dream Hopper

Dream HopperCalm your mind and enter a world of dreams.

Hop along to the groove of hypnotic rhythms to reveal technicolor dreamlike visions. Bring the true meaning of whimsical shapes into vivid focus as you discover a dazzling dreamscape of memories.

Dream Hopper is a zen-like experience of flow and discovery. Simply tap to hop from shape to shape and let your mind reveal a beautiful presence of calm.

Dream Hopper user reviews :

This game is amazing and i love it, but the thing is that the dreams get VERY repetitive after a bit. I think i have a 45 % chance of getting a new dream and i only have 4 sections. I do have a recommendation for this problem though! I would say the every section has its own percentage like if a section has a lot of dreams done it will have a low percentage but if the section only has a couple of dreams done it has a high percentage.

I’ve tried a lot of games like this out in the past, but this one just hits right. It is the perfect combination of calm and rewarding. This game encourages you to take breaks, which is refreshing. Also the soundtrack is incredible! For a game that already has so many good aspects to it, they could have cheaped out and made a generic track, but no. I would definitely recommend playing this!

I love the game! I’m not some review bot either lol it’s relaxing and has beautiful pictures and exciting extras like winning new balls. I play it to relieve my anxiety and help me fall asleep for naps and bedtime. Now the reason for only 3 stars is because the game freezes and won’t work as soon as you close it, or play for a while. I learned every time this happens I have to uninstall the game, reinstall it and it’s back to normal. It has stopped working after two dreams.

RAA I LOVE IT (ahem ahem excuse my excitement) so its a really fun and.. simple game. great for traveling! you’re just a lil spirit ball, orbiting around shapes! those shapes eventually “connect” together and make something, like a plane or fox! the only part i dont fully like is that you do have to wait a while to get more dream dust, and coins to wish for new skins.. it can get annoying when you want to buy a wish now but you cant, but overall its amazing. THERE’S NOT EVEN FORCED ADS HUH?!?!

Amazing game but has so much potential to become so much more! A suggestion is that there should be a log of the collected Hoppers you obtain, this log should have lore and descriptions about the specific Hopper, more interactive things would make it even better such as if you click a Hopper on the selection screen they’ll interact with you, an even better suggestion is there should be a seperate menu or relaxing room where you can see all your hoppers in one room and interact with them.

Absolutely beautiful game. So soothing to play! I can let my mind go blank while I play this and it’s the absolute best time. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is simple yet very rewarding. The sounds and soundtracks are also really calming and enjoyable as well. Amazing game to make you feel calm and rested, or a great time killer if you’re looking for that. Plus there’s lots of stuff to unlock and change around.

I was looking for a relaxing game to play and well I found this one. I love the relaxing colors. The only thing about it I don’t like is that you run out of the dust (lives) so fast… There needs to be a way to get more of them quickly, or just keep them without a limit.. I can see if you mess up losing a life, but if you complete the dream level, you shouldn’t lose a life.. What a great game, just need more play time..

This is an amazing game, and bugs aside, is one of my absolute favorites. Sometimes the app will crash repeatedly until I restart my phone, and occasionally after watching an ad to receive a reward the app will crash at the end instead of giving me said reward. Other than that, I would appreciate a little explanation somewhere. I’ve mostly figured out things like what glimmers are through exploration, but there are still some things I don’t quite understand. All in all, thanks for a great game!

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